Hell’s Angel or Sacred Cow?

Mother Teresa is a serious topic of contention. Once praised by apologists as a ‘living saint’, she began as a serious problem for the Catholic church as an anti-reformist, anti progress, religious fundamentalist, whom they managed to turn into a publicity icon and money spinner.  She set up the Missionaries of Charity in 1950 after claiming that she was mandated by heaven and requested by Jesus to serve him and quench his thirst for love and souls (kind of a scary idea if you ask me) through his ‘distressing disguise’; the poor.  Not only this but they also claim that the poor must suffer so that people CAN sanctify themselves in the eyes of god; not only a ‘cart-before-the-horse’ mentality, but morally reprehensible.

Believing that they are not really helping the people they claim erroneously to be helping is bad enough, but to then say it is so they may earn the love of God and Jesus in return is mercenary even in the best possible sense.  What is wrong with helping people because it is the right and decent thing to do? One would consider perhaps, the element within Christian dogma which has hijacked any and all acts of humanitarianism and tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to make them their own appearing then to lend themselves the ammunition to claim that any ‘moral’ act without god is worthless when no such assumption is justified.  It’s circular and empty logic (if you can call it that at all) and a kin to the attitude which holds that the bible is true because the bible says it’s true.  To add insult to injury people have been tricked into this media-tinsel-hype-trap of biased and one sided reports and stories.  Her acts have been judged by an arbitrarily invented reputation of saintliness and therefore she is considered by many to be somehow immune from rebuke, query or indeed any form of negative critique.  I, like Mr Hitchens and many others, refute this reputation entirely.

Reports of neglect and abuse within her institutionalist homes for the dying, hospices (not hospitals as no one leaves those places alive), boarding houses and orphanages, go unreported in the mainstream press.  Why? Because those who have been sucked in by the mythology are NOT looking for it.  Just like we weren’t looking for paedophilia and child abuse within the catholic church until fairly recently when people stopped being frightened by the false and self-assumed ‘power’ of Rome and coming forward to the people that mattered.  They should have done so years ago but one cannot reflect too closely on the past that cannot change.  I really don’t care that Ratzinger was apparently blocked in his investigations.  He had ample opportunity to hand the information over to the proper authorities and they still do. I have no sympathy whatsoever that he gave into the pope’s adviser at the time.  All that shows is moral cowardice.  My regrets?  That there is no hell for that shower of hypocrites, child abusers and misogynists to rot in.  Why don’t they? Blatant arse covering.  They obviously have more to hide and more at stake than they are letting on.

Back on topic now, last week I posted a video on my own YouTube Channel and had some quite worrying feed back on the same day.  Not only was this person so besotted with their own sense of altruism, they praised the nuns to the rafters for their self-sanctifying choice to live like the ‘poorest of the poor’, when what should really have been happening is the building and staffing of real hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation programs.  The order receive billions in donations but it is obvious that this is not where the money is directed.   After more than 50 years there has been no improvement in the standards or conditions in those places.  What has increased is the number of convents and brother’s homes.

It is clear from their actions and statements to the media that they hold no interest in any practical alleviation of the terrible problem poverty in India – caused largely by chronic overcrowding and an influx of refugees from Sectarian and Religious warfare – but this is by no means all there is to this country.  The majority have access to clean water, hospitals and a rich historical culture of art, literature, and music.  The symbols we think of as numbers historically came from India and their universities are competitive with those in Europe.  The images we are shown of the Indian people of Calcutta is a scandalous misnomer on behalf of the Missionaries of Charity.  The ‘idea’ that these nuns are even trying to solve these very real problem is nothing short of a fraudulent pretence.

There are legions of Catholic, non-catholic and even non-religious people, who have bought into the myth of Mother Teresa and parade her name and the false idea of this nun, who have gone so far as to not only make religion ‘immune from criticism’ but this woman in particular.  What we don’t hear are the reports from the volunteers who have dared to think critically and question the practices.  Hemley Gonzalez, was a former volunteer in the Home for the Dying in Calcutta, and runs the Stop the Missionaries of Charity page on Facebook where you will find his first hand reports and photographs of the conditions.  In a few weeks Hemley will be in EST which will mean a somewhat reduced time differential compared with between the UK and Cuba (5 hrs behind the UK).  Hemley has kindly agreed to join me in a podcast interview about his experiences and we are currently arranging a time and date.

In an interview between Matt Cherry and Chrisopher Hitchens shortly after the release of his book, The Missionary Position; Mother Teresa In Theory and Practice (I ordered my copy today), Mother Teresa ‘forgave’ him for making this film.  As he stated, forgiveness was neither required nor requested and the arrogance that went with this supposed ‘forgiveness’ puts the lie to the purported humility of this woman.  Her PUBLIC answer to everything was either forgiveness or prayer!  Doing something practical is obviously too hard!  She was a fraud and a charlatan, used by the Catholic church for fund-raising to set up religious institutions and training centres for ignorant and totally  obedient nuns.

Please take the time to fill in this petition to stop the Missionaries of Charity from committing their blatant acts of neglect and make them account for the billions that are donated to their order for the care of the poor and the needy.




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