The shocking truth about Samantha Cameron’s interview | Mama Lewis

The shocking truth about Samantha Cameron’s interview | Mama Lewis.

There is something very wrong with the Cameron family. The article here speaks for itself.  Please read and share.

How will the benefit cuts affect your children? | BabyCentre Blog

How will the benefit cuts affect your children? | BabyCentre Blog.

The cuts to family benefits and tax credits are a punitive measure against middle-income families which will not save a penny and only cause hundreds of families hardship.

We are on a single income of £35k (pre-tax) with a 3yr old, a 1yr old and another due in 5 wks. We were informed that not only will our tax credits will stop (forcing us to cut back £140 a month) but have been sent a letter saying we now owe them £577! I don’t work because we can’t afford child care and we both believe it’s our responsibility to care for our children ourselves.I don’t know how we are going to manage this unexpected bill but I would sincerely like to thump the money-grubber who decided that we are ‘undeserving’ despite the amount of NI and tax we paid prior to my giving up work to have a family. This is a stress I could really do without.

I have written to HMRC to question where they got that figure from.


Sure Start sure to Stop!!!

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Yesterday, my friend was told that thier playgroup at our local Surestart centre would have to be shut down at the end of June. The reason? The group is not ‘disadvantaged‘ in the PC euro-speak sense of the word.  It means they are not at the end of their tethers and about to snap.  They are not an ethnic minority, they aren’t on income support (many don’t qualify for a penny other than CTC and CB).  They aren’t drug addicts. The children come from two-parent families and are happy, safe, well-fed, loved and well-cared-for.  Due to this our council believe they have no need for fun or educational play with their parents or carers.  Apparently married women whose husbands go to work everyday, have no significant and problems and are in no need of any outside support. It’s not a case of cost.  It’s a case of Tories not being able to satisfy their need to pretend they are in touch with reality.

Just to clarify, of a group of 15 of so,

  • 4 have lost children. 
  • Some of us suffer with post-natal depression, 
  • some with eating disorders, 
  • some have children with behavioural problems. 
  • Some have chronic fatigue syndrome, 
  • some of us just genuinely rely on the help and support of the women in this group to get through a rough patch. 

The group was started so women and children from ALL walks of life could interact with each other and play with their children, to help them learn and to learn something from each other and make friends. They have had specialists in to talk about sleep disorders and tantrums, they’ve organised educational trips for the children and have been there for each other to help and support when times are hard.  This group is something to be proud of and now they’re trying to take it away.  It’s got no overheads bar the use of the room and the group leaders are volunteers.

Nobody is ever excluded but the group are being openly discriminated against for being too ‘normal’.  When asked  what could be done to keep it running, the lady in the Sure Start centre said “Get your children on the Child Protection Register“.  I understand that she was unhappy herself and this was a glib reply given in the heat of the moment, but it seems that only those in the depths of despondency will ever get any help from now on and those who are not there (yet) should apparently stop complaining and be grateful we’re not worse off (as the cost of living soars to pay for the mistakes of the rich and the banks).  What’s next Cameron?  Workhouses?  The return of the poor laws?  Why the need to separate and isolate?

This is social cleansing.  Sure Start centres should cater to EVERY family who are struggling, not be limited according to a rich idiot’s  idea of ‘class’ (yes, Cameron I’m talking about you and your whipping boy, Clegg).  That rich, pampered idiot has NO clue about what ‘the disadvantaged’ are:  those whose flag he loves to wave every time he needs to feel magnanimous and distract us from the tax cuts he’s just given to his rich friends.



You may notice the wording has changed and been added to.

This is because ‘the council’ and some Sure Start staff don’t want us to discuss this outside the group.    I used the centre for the breastfeeding support service regularly.  It was a life saver, I knew nobody in my local area and I was really struggling to keep going.  When I wasn’t breastfeeding I stopped attending.   This group started several months after my son began Scalliwags playschool and it clashed.  This simple event clash apparently means I’m not supposed to care about the group, never mind that this awful precedent also means I won’t be able to attend later services (that our council tax goes toward) either if the Tories go ahead with their insidious social cleansing. It now seems I’m not supposed to care about what doesn’t directly affect me. The world would be in a very sorry state if everyone thought like this.  Pardon me for having a social conscience.

I have changed the words to this as my friend has asked me to (I pasted a post she made and corrected some of the grammar and syntax so they were actually her words) and deleted as many of the posts as I can find but this DOES NOT mean I have to like it.  I’m doing it for the sake of not falling out with someone I like but it still feels like censorship.

I’m going to write a strongly worded letter to my MP!

Bank Boss Has a Conscience After All!?

Fresh from the 38 Degrees Petition Website!

“Dear Anna,

Late last night, RBS chief Stephen Hester said he would not take his £1 million bonus after all. [1] That’s a huge turnaround – and we helped make it happen.

When we launched the petition on Friday calling on Hester to refuse his giant bonus, it looked an uphill struggle. David Cameron and George Osborne were both claiming their hands were tied. Many thought it was a done deal.

But in 48 hours over 80,000 38 Degrees members signed the petition. The public outcry grew in volume across the internet and in the press. More and more politicians started to join in. By the end of the weekend, we’d got Hester to back down.

This latest breakthrough is yet more proof that people power matters. When enough of us speak up together, we can help change things for the better – even when politicians claim there is no alternative.

Remember when the government said there was nothing they could do to stop Rupert Murdoch taking over BSkyB? Or that selling off England’s forests was essential? Or that the NHS changes would be done and dusted by the middle of 2011? Time and again 38 Degrees members work together to prove there are alternatives.

Is there more we could be doing together to tackle the scandal of bankers bonuses and skyrocketing executive pay? You can share your thoughts on this on our Facebook page: or on the 38 Degrees website:

Here’s what some other 38 Degrees members are saying so far:

Deborah: “Way to go! 82K people signed in 48 hours! Well done 38 Degrees!”

Shaun: “This is great news, i like to think that our petition and facebook protest on here and on the RBS facebook page had a hand in making him change his mind on the bonus :)”

John: “A small enough victory but I hope a significant one. On to chasing tax dodgers and saving our NHS :)”

Anthony: “We need to remember this was not brought about by any pressure whatsoever by the government or the board. Both backed the bonus, the board siding with him and the government limp in their glaring lack of condemnation. The more we speak up the louder our voice.”

Wendy: “The arguments in favour of high salaries for bankers are as obscene as the salaries and bonuses themselves.”

Sylvia: “We pestered Hester – and he crumbled!”

Thanks for being involved,

Becky, Cian, Marie, David, Hannah, Johnny and the 38 Degrees team

PS: Big corporations keep a close eye on social media to spot threats to their reputation. RBS won’t have been able to miss all that we did over the weekend, with over 12,000 shares of the petition on Facebook, and 2,000 messages on Twitter. Well done to everyone who spread the word!


[1] The Telegraph: Stephen Hester bonus: “real change and new rules needed at Britain’s banks”

[2] Mirror: David Cameron sparks outrage as he nods through RBS chief Stephen Hester’s £1m bonus

[3] 38 Degrees petition

[4] Citywire reports that a source close to Stephen Hester says he feared “becoming a ‘pariah’ if the controversy continued”

[5] Read more on the 38 Degrees website about the Murdoch campaign

[6] The NHS campaign – and forests campaign

[7] Forests:

It’s great to post good news for a change 😀