I will not accept my expulsion from the Labour Party

Nobody is safe.

Observations from a Third Camp perspective

I have been informed today that I have been expelled from the Labour Party after a total of 35 years of Party membership and in spite of being Chair of Broxtowe Constituency Labour Party.

This follows an anonymous complaint about me to the Party. I don’t know what has led anyone to complain to the Party about me. I cannot believe that it comes from anyone in my constituency party where inclusiveness and comradely respect is genuinely shown by all party members. I am very grateful for the quick statement of support made by all of my fellow officers of Broxtowe CLP.

I am told that I am expelled because of I am an ‘active supporter of the AWL’ .

The AWL publishes a very useful and educative paper Solidarity and I welcome and am proud of  its significant contribution to debate in the Party and the wider labour movement.


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New Venture

Since completing my degree in June, and the beginning of this new academic year, I have had no luck finding part time work that matches both my skills and my available hours.  For this reason I have decided to go freelance as a proofreader and copy editor.  Details of my services and pricing structure are available here. You can also find me on Facebook.

If you would like to make an enquiry, please send an email here with the subject ‘AJPES enquiry’.

The content should include

  1. Your full name and address,
  2. A contact number (and Skype account for non-UK enquiries),
  3. The nature of the document,
  4. The ideal deadline for the work
  5. The number of pages (based on an A4 Word.doc or .docx, 12 point text, double line spaced, with normal margins). Invoices will be raised on this basis.
  6. The level of the service required. A list of my services can be found here. Please read this before making an enquiry.

Please do not send any documents until prompted.


My Letter to Wellingborough CLP Contact, Kevin Watts

Dear Kevin,

I have just had the most unpleasant experience with the Labour Party HQ that I have ever encountered. I was ringing to complain about my suspension and have it overturned as well as complain that my letter of appeal, for which their own automated system promised me a reply within a week, has not yet been answered.

Firstly, I was on hold for five minutes before someone even picked up the phone only to  immediately pass me to a different department. I was on hold for another ten minutes (obviously someone hoped I would give up an go away). When somebody finally picked up the phone all they would tell me was that I have been suspended for abusive conduct on Twitter, and with a paltry excuse of going to get further details I was again placed on hold for another five minutes after which the line was cut off.

I am utterly disgusted with this Kafkaesque treatment! How can I defend myself when I have no idea of what it is I am accused? How long will the investigation take? What form will it take and who will carry it out? None of this information has yet been imparted so I am still faced with the prospect of persons unknown trawling through years of tweets trying to find something to pin on me. Even trying to have my complaint and challenge acknowledged, let alone dealt with is impossible, yet the party remains happy to take my money in fees. I have attached yet another copy of the vague travesty of justice which seems to promote the idea that an allegation of a possibility merits punishment without evidence for your reference. (Letter of suspension.)

For years, I have been an advocate of strict anti-bullying policies on social media, and I certainly do not use it to abuse people, yet a great deal is of abuse is fired at me. Under the Data Protection Act, I have a right to know what information they hold on me, how long they have held it, what it has been used for and what they plan to do with it. I know for a fact, that I have never once given them my Twitter details. Do they even have the right Anna Johnstone? There are plenty of us. If you could look into this matter and pass it on to the campaign team for Jeremy, so they know how badly his supporters are being treated and Owen Smith cannot get away with rigging the vote, it would be appreciated.


Anna Johnstone

(The number for the Labour Party is 0345 092 2299)

15 times when Jeremy Corbyn was on the right side of history

Jeremy Corbyn has proven time and time again to be on the side of ordinary people, the disenfranchised, and those who have been wronged. There is nobody who deserves that position more than he does and I will do everything I can to see he keeps it.

The World Turned Upside Down

jezza aparted1. Apartheid: Jeremy was a staunch opponent of the Apartheid regime and a supporter of Nelson Mandela and the ANC. He was even arrested for protesting outside the South African embassy in 1984.
2. Chile: Jeremy was an opponent of the brutal dictator Pinochet (an ally of the British government under Thatcher) and was a leading campaigner in the quest to bring him to justice. In 1998 Pinochet was arrested in London.
3. LGBT rights: As noted in Pink News, Jeremy was an early champion of LGBT rights. At a time when the Tories decried supporting LGBT rights as ‘loony left’, Jeremy voted against section 28 which sought to demonise same-sex relationships.
4. The Miners’ Strike: Jeremy went against the Labour leadership and fully supported the miners in their effort to prevent the total destruction of their industry and communities. Cabinet papers released last year prove that the NUM…

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Bifrost Guard | Events and Training Dates for 2016

Here’s our most recent events list. Please note we are NOT doing the Hemsby Viking Festival (Belle Air Holiday Park, Hemsby) this year as we have done in recurrent years previous.

As other events are confirmed either way they will be added to, or removed from the list 🙂

2nd – Wellingborough Carnival
3rd – Wellingborough Party In The Park
9th – training
15th-17th – Godmanchester Viking Festival (Wood Green Animal Shelter, Huntingdon)
23rd – training
24th – Bedford Viking Festival

6th – training
20th – training
26th-29th – Earl’s Barton Steam Rally

3rd – training
17th – training

1st – training
15th – training
21/23rd – Nottingham Medieval Festival (TBC, Robin Hood/Crusade era)
29th – training/Samhain Celebrations

12th – training
13th – Remembrance Sunday Parade
26th – training

10th – training
22nd – Yule Celebrations (TBC, group meal)

All training sessions take place at the Wellingborough Museum from 1pm until 4pm  and can be subject to change a week or so ahead depending on what events the Museum have taking place. They are usually held between 1 and 4 (13.00-16.00).