Open University

I am about to embark on the last module of my BA (honours) History with the Open University. It has been tough doing this with three kids to look after but I have enjoyed every bit of it. I have not only gained a lot of valuable experience in my writing but have a new appreciation of my own abilities, and look forward to putting my skills to use…

  • Y160 Making Sense of the Arts (10 point Openings Module) PASS
  • AA100 The Arts Past and Present (60 points at Level 2) PASS
  • A200 Exploring History: Medieval to Modern 1400-1900 (60 points Level 2) GRADE 3 PASS (C)
  • AA307 Religion in History: Conflict, Conversion & Coexistence (60 points Level 3) GRADE 4 PASS (D)
  • A326 Europe 1914-1989 (60 points Level 3) GRADE 4 PASS (D)
  • A327 Empire 1492-1975 (60 points Level 3) GRADE 3 PASS (C)

To start in October 2015

  • A330 Myth in the Greek and Roman Worlds (60 points Level 3)

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