New Life, New Love (2007)

Escaped from chains, I run free
To breathe and feel all previously denied to me.
Long years of numbness and strife
Have left their own invisible scars
But now with new hope and life
And, as if seen for the first time, I reach up
To the glittering sun.

Unpacking the joy, too long locked away
For a winter that started so long ago
And wrapped in false sentiments; then warped,
The enforcers of my solitude do remain.
But now I am refreshed and
In new love, and excitement unrestrained,
Life’s attitude is renewed.

Winter has stepped aside for Spring
And in its joyful wake the Summer brings
New joy. It has warmed this lonely soul
And new love, in heady euphoria, sings
To this long forgotten life, new goals,
New petty blissful sins…

A fresher world greets these troubled eyes;
Despite rain and wind of chilly September
Air, I see sunshine only and clear blue skies.
Yet cautiously do I tread and do still remember
That crisp air and early Autumn leaves
Can yet still be burnt to ashes.

My bruised but mending heart beats again
As I grow and emerge from the shading trees,
Timid still and clinging tightly to the past
And habits of desolate solitude’s long fast
Despite these so very many flaws
I walk with my head held high,

My soaring spirits rise, once left far behind,
In crude health, lifting higher with each step.
Adoring Prince, you have awakened me
With a kiss from my long and restless sleep
But in return for precious life’s new meaning,
All I can give you is love…

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