Morning’s Tears (July 2007)

Glistening, the lonely platform
Soaked in morning’s tears
Moves silent below frozen feet
And unaware of its careless abusers;
It forgets, uncomplaining ;

It pays mute respect to ungrateful masters,
Plays host to towering grey giants;
Laid at their feet in a forest of glass and stone,
Ever-growing, everlasting and ever-consuming,
Humanity engulfs the land and
Suffocates it with a carpet of concrete and steel
And the Morning Star, stares aghast at our haste
To live out our lives,
And grieves for our wasteful greed.

The sky sees all and forgives none.
It weeps in torrents on uncaring heads.
Laziness and greed bleed, invisible from us all
As vainly, we flatter ourselves
That others will clear up our mess
But the earth is not our slave.

We are blind; preoccupied
With our own lives, so important
We unconsciously ignore each other
Unless, pushing endlessly, selfishly
For the best place in line or
The best seat on the train.
We resent or obstruct our rivals,
Rather than meet their challenges
We forget Please and neglect Thank-You.
Rest in peace, the long-dead Excuse-Me.

We walk on, expect others to step aside,
‘Never mind the rest, head high and never hide
From our right to do exactly as we please,
Manners are a waste of time, made to combat pride
But scornful of another
With the same attitude as me’
The morning cries for us until we mend our ways

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