Moments in Time (November, 2007)

Ancient broken memories, trapped
Like shards of broken glass trodden into a carpet of time,
Tarnished like old neglected silver,
Flood upwards and fill my long closed mind.
Scores of shattered dreams and broken promises
Smothered by silence once, but now free.
I flounder, thrown on an ocean of feelings
I had forbidden myself; lost then, and out of reach.
Sunk to my core.

But precious life has been breathed back to me.
A glorious fairytale kiss and loving arms
Brought me back to myself like a dream
That after waking, lingers on.
Given freely rather than sought with
Affection and loving support, gestures
New to me this technicolour joy,
I make new memories;
New and precious moments in time.

Carefully I tread toward new life,
I feel again and revel in feeling at all.
Each cautious step is supported and
Somehow, feels more real than the last.
The hidden storm of tears dissolves into nothing
And the winter of my life is a past and distant memory,
Over shadowed by new love,
Yet part of me still

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