I have only ever wanted to write.  It’s an almost indescribable drive I have had since before I can remember.  I kept a journal from the age of about 13 but that was always a very private aspect of my writing and I do not believe that such private and personal thoughts or feelings should be open to public scrutiny.  That is not the sort of blog I am aiming to run.  This is section is to display my passion for writing fiction.  Dry, political articles on current affairs, among other issues, are not to everyone’s taste so I am adding a slection of my creative writing.

Orson Scott Card said that there are two motives for writing fiction.  One is that you read something so incredibly wonderful that it inspires you to want to write. For me these were works by him, Brian Aldis, Larry Niven, George Orwell, HG Wells, Terry Goodkind and Jules Verne, to name but a few.  The other is that you read something so utterly dreadful that it makes you think ‘Wow, if that can get published then I can write.’. It’s a bit of both for me because I don’t think world works on absolutes.

You will find no personal soul-searching on here from me.  I am quite happy in myself now –it was not always so– but even if I was not, such ghastly self-absorption can lead –and has led me in the past– only one way.  I am a private person at heart (though some may call me cold or reserved) because I don’t believe that I am, or see why people should find me personally particularly interesting.  I write for the love of writing and wish to share that enjoyment with others.

Both of these are works in progress at the moment but I fully intend to get them both published.

(Contact details for good writers agents will be greatly appreciated.)

1. To Speak of Dying.

To speak of Dying is a work of SF which  considers the social consequences for the human race should longevity and immunity enhancing  and genetic engineering become standard practice.

I included both negative and positive possible results in this new-world view as no issue is ever truly black and white.   This is are  issues which is ever-present in the public eye and held there by the media in general.  The two issues seem to be closely related in that whenever there is a breakthrough inoculation for a crippling or even fatal disease or discovery to do with any intervention in human genetic development, leading members of the religious community are sought for their opinion on the issue and they rarely have anything positive to say.

I began writing this before beginning From Olympus to Oblivion but my story had too many holes.


  • This is more fantasy than Science fiction as it deals with belief and fading gods.  I needed a reason for the events that led to To Speak of dying and ended up starting an entirely new story.

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