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Matmata is an Oasis town in the south of Tunisia and is significant due to its underground houses.  It was also one of the locations used for the filming of Star Wars.  The original Skywalker house is now a hotel (The Hotel Sidi Driss) and Star Wars museum.

New Photos Posted.

Sahara Desert, Tunisia

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One of two vast salt lakes, below sea level and surrounded by mountains. Still subject to seasonal flooding and has a diverse bird population dependant on it. Flamingos, larks, bustards, can all be found there and wheatears and birds of prey have been seen close to the road between Kebili and Tozeur. Due to the Sahara shifting south, many species now have difficulty in crossing it so winter in the Sahel instead.

New Photos. (El Jem, Tunisia)

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El Jem is located inland to the north east of the North African country of  Tunisia and home to an ancient Roman amphitheatre which is purported to be in better condition than the original it was modelled on in Rome.  It formally seated 35,000 people and built from the profits olives and olive oil.  El Jem was formally part of Thysdrus, one of the richest cities in Roman Tunisia.

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