Blog 21-11-09

Finally I have time to sit and write this. Basically I’ve been having an idea block and I didn’t want my blogs to become a published moan about random stuff. However, having this on my mind is getting too irritating. It’s the cash for gold adverts. To say they are an irritant is actually a gross understatement! The basic idea of these companies seems to be to separate the gullible from their jewellery and the very tone is both patronising and insulting – like the directions on how to put jewellery into an envelope to post it. Who, in their right mind, sends anything valuable in the regular post? Everything about these people seems fake; from the woman’s fake orange tan and bottle blonde hair to forced attempt to not sound common (listen to how the ridiculous woman says the word ‘gold’)! As if the advert wasn’t bad enough the sheer relentless nature of this damnable advert is enough to make me want to scream and throw something heavy at the screen! It really says something about what these broadcasters think about the general intelligence of their audience.

Is it me or do we seem to be paying to watch adverts on services like Sky and Virgin? For every 15 minutes of programming there are at least 10 minutes of advertising. I don’t know about you but I am certainly capable of concentrating on a subject for more than fifteen minutes at a time. These people are dumbing down to the lowest common denominator and it needs to stop. The survival of the fittest means that those most capable of surviving within a given environment have the advantage. The environment does not change to let the ill-equipped (the stupid and the weak) catch up and nor should the standard of entertainment that we are expected to pay for.

Another bug-bear are the adverts of the ambulance chasing lawyers. I have very little sympathy for someone who was injured by doing something stupid! If you know you have been given the wrong ladder the sensible thing to do is NOT to go up it! The man should have been fired for incompetance not granted compensation and we as a society have a responsibilty to stop and think before we do something dangerous rather than look around to see who can be blamed for the injuries caused by our own stupidity. The blame culture has come in from the states and needs to be snuffed out now before we become a culture of lawsuits and compensation.

Come on people! Use some common!!!!


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