Dr. Aroup Chatterjee & Hemley Gonzalez discuss Mother Teresa, Christopher Hitchens and the negligence and fraud of the Catholic nun.

I re-blogged this sometime ago but I would be remiss in not keeping this in people’s consciousness. The neglect and malpractice which is prolific within the walls of these houses and hiding behind the claim of charitable works has been witnessed time and time again by people who have been brave enough to come forward only to be vilified by other members of the public who would rather believe the illusion than the truth. This needs circulation and in the next few weeks I will be working directly with the participants to make sure this interview, a primary source of evidence in historian-speak, does not get lost behind bigger names.

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After a few years of following each other’s work online, Hemley Gonzalez and Aroup Chatterjee finally met in person in Calcutta. This is the transcript of their candid conversation about Mother Teresa, The Missionaries of Charity, Christopher Hitchens and the case of medical negligence and financial fraud by the Albanian Catholic nun in India.

Hemley Gonzalez: How and why did you become an outspoken critic of Mother Teresa and her charity?

Aroup Chatterjee: In February of 1993 I approached a film company called Bandung Productions, which was owned by Tariq Ali, a well-known writer and broadcaster in England. I spoke with Vanya Del Borgo, his associate producer at the time. I was angry and agitated about the fact that Mother Teresa was causing generations to grow up with a false and extremely negative image of our city.

Vanya Del Borgo listened to my proposal to…

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