Special birthday request to my readers

My birthday is looming ahead of me (Sunday 12th, April). This year, instead of cards or anything else, I would consider it a personal favour if, readers, friends and family would consider donating to a very worthwhile cause, then share the link on their social media pages.
The work the charity does is a cause very close to my heart and one which I feel very privileged to be a part of. The people on the ground are doing fantastic job to alleviate the causes of poverty, and its symptoms, but need the help of people like you in order to continue that work. This is how your money can be put to work.

  • ​$10 provides baby formula for a week
  • ​$15 will provide a fan or a stove, or other needed items for a family in need
  • ​$20 Will keep a child in school for a month
  • ​$50 will feed a family of 5 for a month
  • ​$75 covers a range of medical treatments for serious medical conditions that would otherwise go untreated
  • ​$150 will cover personal hygiene supplies for a family of four for a year
  • ​$200 will rebuild a home in the slums
  • ​$250 can sponsor a child in school for a year

The goal is $1000USD and the campaign will end on May 31st. Please click on the logo to go to the campaign page.

Responsible Charity Logo

Being the change we want to see…


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