Getting rid of TAs will save £4 billion, says Gove. One Teacher has this letter to Mr Gove re Teaching Assistants. Please RT.

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I’m halfway through a BA (Honours) History so that when my children are all (I have 3) in full time education, I can start teacher training and do a job that’s actually needed rather than back to a thankless admin role which bored me rigid and had no real meaning or purpose other than to make money for somebody else. Is there going to be a job once this clown has finished destroying state education to the point where the only viable option is private education for our children? (They tried it once during the 80s and 90s while I was at school) What Gove has done so far has proven he isn’t qualified to so much as boil water. His own lack of basic British history proves he should not be legislating the curriculum (so much for ‘small government’, Cameron), especially his ignorance that the first English bible was NOT the KJV but was written by John Wycliff and followed 150 years later by William Tyndale. Even Tyndale’s version predates the KJV version by almost a century. The money wasted on making sure ‘every school had one’ amounted to £370,000.  How many special education units would that have funded? Or maybe, replenished School library facilities? [2]

They also plan to fast track ex-service men into teaching positions. Where will that leave those who have an actual calling and see it as more than a highly paid babysitting role? Gove want’s military discipline in the classroom? [3]  In  1933, so did someone else. Thing is, servicemen will follow their orders whereas teachers fight back when something is going to be harmful. Despite his obvious lack of historical knowledge, Gove wants a 1950s style of rote learned facts (with no understanding of context because due to the quantity there won’t be time to teach it) which promotes a pro-imperial, nationalistic version of British history.  He wants a ‘return to’ a romanticised version of school life which probably never existed. He wants to return to the style my parents endured which is completely unsuited to a modern Britain and he MUST be stopped.  His new history ‘curriculum’ will not include the effects that Britain had on the rest of the world, because that “isn’t British history” (obviously, that renders context and effect irrelevant </sarcasm>). Instead of the broad critical analysis and skills – skills which, once learned, will last them a lifetime and across all aspects of their life- based history, he wants our children to have learned ‘facts’ of his choosing and not have time to look outside his narrow little view. (He doesn’t want informed freethinkers because they won’t grow up to vote for the Tories once they’re 18).

Going after History in particular was a political strategy and going after TAs is another: he doesn’t want teachers to have the time or resources to circumvent his plans. Schools like this teacher’s are vital to give children with specific needs as fighting chance to an education and a life, rather than just an existence in an institution. What he is doing will destroy the progress special education has made in the last 13 years. He is showing his true colours and his ignorant, bullish approach and glib attitude to those qualified to teach, not to mention the children who will suffer so he can follow a political agenda for the future of his party, has sickened me to the core. He has no empathy, no consideration for the real effects and, more importantly’ no qualification in teaching or child development and as far as I am concern those should be the very least required for the position of Minister for Education, or we’re going to keep getting accountants who fail to see ‘value’ in people.  Feel free to re-blog this.


  1. 38 Degrees Petition

3 thoughts on “Getting rid of TAs will save £4 billion, says Gove. One Teacher has this letter to Mr Gove re Teaching Assistants. Please RT.

  1. James says:

    May I ask, what is wrong teaching a, “Pro-imperial, nationalistic version of British history?” Would this effect your belief in cultural Marxism, and even perhaps put an end to oikophobia which liberals love so much?

    I will admit, we must teach children about our glorious, yet brutal past. Also to show the effects it had on the world, the inventions we created, the lives we improved and how Colonialism was not has bad has people say it is. I mean it can’t be that bad if 9/10 Hong Kong citizens say they would rather return to British rule, or that 99.8% of Falkland Islanders want to remain under the United Kingdom rather than be handed over to Argentina.

    Of course, History should not be biased. However, it is time to stop criticising and insulting our own history. For the mention of the Territorial Army, I thought liberals support positive discrimination?


    • TA = teacher’s assistant. If you had bothered to read the attached articles you would know this. This is not about insulting our history, but nor should the barbarism of our past be glorified.


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