How will the benefit cuts affect your children? | BabyCentre Blog

How will the benefit cuts affect your children? | BabyCentre Blog.

The cuts to family benefits and tax credits are a punitive measure against middle-income families which will not save a penny and only cause hundreds of families hardship.

We are on a single income of £35k (pre-tax) with a 3yr old, a 1yr old and another due in 5 wks. We were informed that not only will our tax credits will stop (forcing us to cut back £140 a month) but have been sent a letter saying we now owe them £577! I don’t work because we can’t afford child care and we both believe it’s our responsibility to care for our children ourselves.I don’t know how we are going to manage this unexpected bill but I would sincerely like to thump the money-grubber who decided that we are ‘undeserving’ despite the amount of NI and tax we paid prior to my giving up work to have a family. This is a stress I could really do without.

I have written to HMRC to question where they got that figure from.


3 thoughts on “How will the benefit cuts affect your children? | BabyCentre Blog

  1. Vlad says:

    Your family earns the equivalent of US$56,400? What the average US professor or bank manager earns and more than most US teachers and nurses? And you get free health care? Even with the generally lower cost of living in the USA, that’s pretty good. And you are complaining? Wow.


    • Add to that the high cost of living especially as we are very close to London. A basic grocery shop is now £70 per week, We also have to pay rent, council tax, inflation and utilities (water, gas and electricity) ALL of which has risen in the last years and is still rising. My husband has to run a car (which he needs for work so not a luxury) while my husband’ wage has not increased at all for 3 years. The NHS is not free, it’s paid for through the tax system with the rest of the civil infrastructure and is therefore an earned benefit. It’s free at the point of use but it’s also a service we have already paid for. So no, I feel no compunction in complaining when a snot-nosed-toff like Osborne, who was born into money and has never had to struggle a day in his life, turns round and hits people who can least afford it with massive increases in the cost of living and cuts in earned benefits (that’s what NI is for!), while corporations who make billions in this country get away with not paying their share due to the so called ‘legal-loopholes’ that he has left wide open.

      There is no reason I should feel ‘grateful’ for scraps thrown in my face when we have always paid our share, or sit quietly while a back-dated change in the rules not only results in our having to find an extra £140 per month now our Child Tax Credit (A small monthly tax rebate that was payable to all families acknowledging the extra cost of raising children) has been taken away (just like the last batch of Tory scum did to the Family Allowance in the ’90s), but costs us £600 that they are demanding as a lump sum. Taxes are for services (including tax credits/benefits for families and the disabled) and infrastructure, If we aren’t getting them then we are just paying for the privilege of being ruled by a bunch of oligarchal-overlords who stole the election in 2010 with a coalition, and are STILL acting as if that was a win, with us living to pay them,to be there. That’s what the Tories want a return to.


  2. As the threshold was changed halfway through the financial year, I view their attempt to charge us back for a rebate on our tax that, at the time we qualified for, as punitive, retroactive and morally unjust and I will not be paying it. I encourage others in the same position to take the same approach.

    Osborne can whistle for it. We have always been honest over our claims and income and have never tried to claim any more than our due. As we labour supporters and campaigners warned in 2010, the middle-income earners are now working to pay the damned Tories to exists while they demonise the poor and low-income earners and systematically try to gut and privatise the UK, section by section.


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