Haters: Named and Shamed.

To the people so viciously attacking a 16 yr old girl,

I say shame on you all! There is no excuse, especially if the abusers (yes, abusers!) are adults.

The children, some her fellow students, have learned to hate those with differing views from their parents and church leaders who should be equally ashamed of twisting those children’s minds. That is not to say that these young adults should not know better than to gang up and harass one individual in a very public pogrom. While it is your right to hold which ever religious views take your fancy, SO does Jessica have a right to not have your delusional superstitions foisted upon her. It does not matter how long the banner had been there. It should not have been there in the first place. Might I remind you that under US law that ‘prayer’, in all it’s forms is illegal in public schools. Last time I checked, none of us get to pick and choose which ever laws (just as you cherry-pick from the Bible) fit our convenience. You want religion in school? Join a church school!

The very obvious fact that you all seem utterly incapable of upholding the values laid down in the banner proves that you don’t deserve to have it. Why am I doing this list? So that there is a permanent and lasting record of the hate you have directed at one person because they stood up for the law, the constitution of the United States, and her rights. In short, a REAL American if we are going to use the criterium you seem to so vehemently cling to. You claim to be proud patriotic, Americans? Wrong. From where I am standing the only phrase which succinctly describes any of you is “religious bigot”.

I will begin…

  • Jenn Gould
  • Matt Starchild
  • Donna Higgins
  • Wes Wyatt
  • Elijah Kilbane


  • Amanda Aldridge @amandajanicexo
  • Margarett @margarett538
  • Silly symbols rather than a name? @MichaelRebel_
  • iCrotchsnot (seriously?) @Crotchsnot
  • Destiny Marcello @destinymarcello
  • Sydney Magner @Sydthakiid
  • Tayler Crocker @TayCrooks
  • Gab Zaccaria @Gab_zaccaria
  • Zach The Dog @Zachthedogg
  • Caleb McDevitt @C_McDevitt
  • Dominic Asprinio @dominicasprinio/li>
  • Alyssa Pingitore @alyssaping
  • A. J. St. Angelo @AjSaint
  • Ryan A Simoneau @Ry_Simoneau
  • REK @RachelKinight
  • Im Dante Smith @NotDante
  • carys @XXXX_carys
  • Cracked Lens @zombiecamera
  • Eric Rosa @etr131
  • Alexandra Vachon @Alexandraa_x7
  • Gabriella Cimarelli @G_Cimarelli
  • Christ @Chris_lawt0n
  • Kam @Kam_Sadiq

If you want a reminder of the hateful things you said, go here. There are far more and as soon as more names come to light I shall be adding them to this list. You will not remain anonymous for long and you will not get away with your abhorrent behaviour.

Update 14/1/12 23:14 (GMT)

Melissa says:

The title to this rediculous report is above all wrong. Its not just “so called” christians saying these things, its reg ppl too. and im glad she is getting commented on and harrassed. shes a child that knows nothing about waht rights are. she dont even know who SHE is yet. and for adults to think shes right…. you are pathetic. the true christians are not sending ugly threats or comments, they are praying for her and the mess she caused and all in all GOD will deal with her, not our problem to solve.

arty says:

All you people are idiots and this girl should just sit down and shut the F up. I agree fully with the threats.

If she is old enough to stand up for something then she can surely take on everything else.


10 thoughts on “Haters: Named and Shamed.

  1. Barry Johnstone says:

    Rights are all very well. but they MUST be balanced by responsibilitys! Otherwise, there is a completely unbalanced POV – MOST religionists LOVE that ‘unbalance’ but pay only lip service to balance in anything!


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