Mediocre Aspirations do not (IN ANY WAY) Excuse the Rioting, Looting or Vandalism of the past Week.

The Oxford English dictionary describes stealing as

“To take (another person’s property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it:”

And vandalism as

“action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property.”

Just spoken to Age Concern in #Leicester. Last night their 17 seater bus that picks up elderly and frail for daycare was totally destroyed

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Jonathan Ashworth MP

 These rioters are NOT freedom fighters of any kind regardless of what they claim to be!  They are an insult to the idea of a free society.  As a socialist I am disgusted with the lot of them and have been seriously considering my stance on corporal punishment over the last couple of days.  The damage caused is estimated will cost tens of millions to repair and I’m guessing the perpetrators haven’t the means to make recompense.  Its going to mean every law-abiding person who didn’t go out looting will have to pay for the clean-up in the form of higher insurance premiums.   In a truly free society business owners, whether small independents or big retailers, can operate without fear of criminal interference or having their premises trashed and stock stolen from them.  The imbecilic thugs who have been so-far interviewed claim to be trying to ‘show the police/government we can do what we want‘ but how is destroying a minibus -used so that the elderly and infirm are not house-bound – in any way an effective protest against anything?  The people who will suffer from that will be the people who now no longer have the use of that bus and the shop owners who have been put out of business and prevented from doing an honest trade.  People who, in some cases, are trying to live on extremely limited resources.  People who are sometimes worse of than the idiots committing these acts of theft and vandalism.

The mediocre aspirations of the criminals committing these acts are the responsibility of them and, if only in part, their parents.  I used to think I suffered from strict parents when I wasn’t allowed to go and ‘hang-around’ with my friends. I would sulk and pout and sometimes throw a tantrum but I now believe that my parents actually did know what they were doing and I thank them for it.  They were preventing my brother and I from turning into the sort of selfish, greedy animals committing these vile acts in our major cities.  They didn’t let me grow up thinking that the world owed me anything.  I was taught that a social safety net was just that: a safety net.  It’s there so nobody who falls on hard times has to starve or go homeless and it should not under any circumstances be abused or in any way taken for granted or relied upon as an indefinite source of  income especially if we are able to work.  They were right and my boys will be getting the same lesson!

I am getting rather sick and tired of hearing how ‘Austerity measures’ have led to these riots: they haven’t.  This began as an outraged cry over a bungled arrest.  What has happened since is completely unrelated to said shooting.  The violence and destruction which has followed is in no frame of the rational mind, neither proportionate or appropriate.  If people want to know where this basic lack of concern for the well-being of others and this cavalier attitude to theft and destruction has come from, it is a left-over bi-product of the Thatcherite brand of ‘Individualism‘ and her despicable policy of ‘there is no society‘.  I’m getting even more fed up with being shown footage of spoiled brats gloating about ‘getting free stuff’ and revelling in how much fun they had.  It wasn’t free because they weren’t given it, they stole it.  It doesn’t matter that the shop owners might be ‘rich’ that doesn’t excuse theft and if I was their mother I would have died of shame at seeing that clip.  They would also not have been able to sit down for a month of Sundays and if their parents have any sense of right and wrong and desire for their kids to learn it they’ll report them to the police themselves.  I would.  The adults who are looting have even less excuse!

A special and very public example should be made of everyone charged.



9 thoughts on “Mediocre Aspirations do not (IN ANY WAY) Excuse the Rioting, Looting or Vandalism of the past Week.

  1. Barry Johnstone says:

    It seems to me – in my foreign, atheist, liberal, left wing republican manner that the mere fact of riots occurring is very loud alarm bells sounding. Do social conditions in the UK prevent the drawing of parallels between ‘oppressed people struggling to buy enough to eat’ and a ‘bunch of thugs stealing expensive luxuries’? I might be quite wrong here, but they seem to be remarkably similar. Is being ‘poor’ a matter of degree? Someone earning say $500,000 compared to someone earning $5,000,000 might well be considered poor! I think the questions of refugees in Somalia or Calcutta is a separate issue.


    • I will have to disagree with you on that one. Of course I would seem desperately ‘poor’ in comparison with someone on ten times our income, but that would still not excuse theft, vandalism or assault against that individual or anyone else. There will always be someone better off than me but that does not grant me the right to steal from them. The point I was trying to make is that Britain is not in such dia straits that the truly needy cannot find help when they need it. Has the inability to lawfully aquire an expensive flat screen television now become a deprivation incompatible with survival? When did it become acceptable to mow people down in the street (killing 3 members of the same family) for protecting their property, or to beat a stranger (for trying to put out a fire) so severely that they die in hospital two days later?

      I will defend the rights of the worker and the right to a living wage -because the minimum wage is a joke these days – to the death but this spate of violence and theft is not the same and is unacceptable. I have every sympathy with those struggling to make an honest living but there is a very real difference between need and greed and its about time that people learned to make the distinction.


  2. Barry Johnstone says:

    I have the feeling that until the ‘WHY’ is properly sorted, it HAS to happen again. Whilst I don’t have answers for this question, I do wonder if inequalities have something to do with this awful situation.


    • I don’t think even the rioters know why they’re doing it. From what I have seen on the news its a mixed bag. Many seem to think that the possibility that they can get away with it is reason enough. As I said, this is not a group of oppressed people struggling to buy enough to eat, this is a bunch of thugs stealing expensive luxuries. We are lucky to live here and they want to see what ‘poor’ really is and take a real look at the Somalian refugees or the slums of Calcutta!


    • That’s like saying it’s the victims fault they were mugged because the mugger was jealous. You are preaching the politics of envy and I refuse to live in fear of a mob who cannot be bothered to make their own way.

      You think they should just be handed ‘wealth’ of others because they desire it? How about we send them round to your house and let them help themselves after all you are instigating that others should have to merely give up their property and allow their premises to be smashed as some sick form of retribution, so I assume your own property is being volunteered.


  3. No, they may not be freedom fighters and there may be no justification for what has happened. But, just as low tide is followed by high tide, so to does a disenfranchised population eventually resort to rebellion. This could have been prevented by simply treating all people as equals and respecting the humanity of everyone.


    • Like the looters are ‘respecting the humanity of everyone’? Respect is earned not demanded.

      Its also not government or police buildings which are being targeted, its private business and strangers. 3 people died in Birmingham last night for no other reason than the thugs felt like attacking them. This is not a ‘disenfranchised’ population fighting for rights, its a greedy mob bent on causing havoc for its own sake. If it were the former marching peacefully and and they were not looting expensive luxuries, would have some sympathy. Nobody in their right mind could honestly compare this with the revolutions in Egypt or Tunisia and come up with a justified similarity.

      I have always said I’m lucky to live in England. We ARE looked after very well and those who would disagree, I invite to point to anywhere else in the world where they have a health service which is free at the point of use, where you don’t end up in debt or go bankrupt if you become ill. Where education to a certain level and age is not only a right of every child but actually compulsory and enforced by law. It is not the fault of the government or the police if parents are teaching their children they will not amount to anything because lets face it, It is up to PARENTS to encourage their children to have aspirations of achievement through their own merit, and moral fibre. If these looters and thieves lack those qualities then it is their parents who have failed alongside said thieves and looters. ‘Low self-esteem’ does not grant them licence to take whatever they please by whichever means necessary from whoever. It has nothing to do with skin colour, or ‘social-class’ and everything to do with attitude and outlook.


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