Paper Rationing at Coney Island…but only in the toilet it seems.

I came across this survey today on my SodaHead feed (everyone needs a laugh) so, probably out of sick curiosity, I went to have a gander.  The survey asked if the public park toilets at Coney Island should start rationing the loo roll after one woman was warned there was none in the stall and handed some (and that’s NEWS’ survey worthy is it?).  I am not a stranger to this as, having experienced the London club scene (and several messy nights out), several pubs and clubs who understandably don’t want their toilets trashed by drunken idiots have attendants handing it out.  I equally can understand why a national park would implement said policy.  Thousands of people use the facilities and they may well have had problems of the same sort.  In which case the blame (if any is merited, which I doubt) possibly should fall to which ever twits (if any) had been making a mess of the place and congratulations to the park caretakers for doing something about it rather than just shutting up the toilets so no one can use them which is what has often happened in parks in the UK.

“A Parks Department spokesperson claims that this is not an official policy, but should it be?”

What struck me is not the tone of the question, which seemed deliberately worded to cause contention, but the utterly fatuous and self-centred nature of the commentators (for the want of a better word) ideas.  The ‘Take your own’ comments seemed very much like Creepy-Cameron’s ‘Big Society‘ spiel of May last year but that’s another story.  Others were the even more amusing furious foamed rantings of those with a Severe-Uptake-Grasping-Deficiency-Disorder who had convinced themselves that it was definitely happening and a sure a sign of some leftist elitist plot or that it was embarrassing ‘to be handed toilet roll handled by a stranger‘.  Wow, really!? How prissy can you get in one afternoon?  If that idea is to shocking for them, I wonder how they ever leave their house or use a restaurant toilet because I guarantee it doesn’t just magically appear in the holders (Maybe they reckon god puts it there just for them: that actually wouldn’t surprise me as much as it should.).  I both envy and feel sorry for those with less important things to worry about than whether a park (who I assume outsources their cleaning to a professional cleaning company) has toilet roll in the cubicles or not.

All the what-ifs and maybes aside, it isn’t even official policy in the park.  For all we know, the woman who handed out was in the middle of cleaning and just hadn’t gotten round to replenishing the supply at that point but as per bloody usual, the S. U. G. D. D. brigade jump in with both feet carrying on that some new rule that they don’t even know is in effect is all the fault of Obama/liberals/progressives/atheists/blah/blah/blah which only goes to show how keen they are to instantly blame everything on ‘the other guy’.  So much for ‘taking responsibility’.

My Comment

Actually kind of pathetic how so many commentators are blaming this on some imagined ‘leftist/progressive’ plot and getting so fired up over what is basically only an idea that has been used by nightclubs etc for years. Socialism, REAL socialism means placing the needs of others on an equal level to your own. It means that nobody need die for the want of a doctor to prescribe a simple antibiotic but weren’t seen because big and greedy insurance companies, drug producers and other corporations have an iron fist around the whole country. It means that social support programs are in place to help those who have fallen on hard times and need support while they pick themselves up and get back on the horse (so to speak) and those who go to those systems are not automatically labelled ‘thieves’ or ‘liars’ by the rest of society but helped to become a productive part of it again.

It means that companies are held to account for their appalling treatment of their workforce and made to treat them as dignified people rather than an in-human and dispensable ‘resource’. I often think that the term ‘human resources’ was dreamt up so that some corporate hot-shot could shield his conscience when treating his work force like rubbish and throwing them out. Mere resources, after all, don’t need decent treatment or compassion; they can be disposed of on a whim and for any reason and they can have the threat of losing their jobs held over them like a brandished whip if  they even dare question the idea that their jobs are theirs on more than sufferance (got to love sarcasm). Yes, I’m a socialist and I pride myself on it because to me it means I have managed to avoid developing the ‘me-first/all-mine‘ attitude left over from the Thatcher/Reagan years where general selfishness was made the norm and any non-subscribers to that vicious mentality were deemed abnormal at best and at worst, a threat to the same ‘society’ that pair of Nazis sought to denigrate. Religion is not the only abode of Hypocrisy, it has a summer home in right-wing and ‘Libertarian’ (anarchist) politics.

On Paying someone to dole out paper? 
Had it not occurred to people that the park ALSO has to pay CLEANERS or you think the loos magic themselves clean? No. I will tell you what happens. Someone – that you deem only to scoff at and make fun of – is working at minimum wage (or less) in order to make ends meet by clearing up other people’s mess.  They probably have no benefit ‘entitlement’ let alone the income to afford any health insurance yet still pay tax yet and get zero back in public services. They are, in essence, working to pay for the privilege to live at all let alone the make up for corporate tax cuts for their employers etc.

The oh so prim and proper privileged few have forgotten that while YOU can afford to while away the hours at the park in the sun, others must graft, scrimp and save in whatever work comes their way and whatever hours of the day or night even if that means being looked down on by spoiled snobs. According to the much of the Right (Wrong) and most of the Libertarian-lunatic-fringe, being poor is their own fault and they must take ‘responsibility’ (accept some form of punishment) for this but it seems to me that’s just what the people who work these jobs ARE doing. These are not the Deltas and Epsilons of Aldus Huxley’s world, they are people with intelligence and lives. That book was a WARNING, not a prelude to how it should be, so before you sneer and complain about not having enough toilet roll, try to spare at least half a thought for the people who do what you recoil from and laugh at, just to provide themselves enough to eat. If staying on a couple of extra hours to do what seems to me a mindlessly boring let alone humiliating job earns them a few extra $ at the end of the month then let them do it. Who are you all to say that they have no right to honest work?


Lefty-rant over.  I will now climb off my soap-box.


3 thoughts on “Paper Rationing at Coney Island…but only in the toilet it seems.

  1. Barry Johnstone says:

    ‘Human Resource Management’ used to be known as ‘Human Relations Management’ – which connotes something close, personal and human. As a term, ‘relationship’ can be as broad – or as narrow as one wants.
    In the always evolving spoken and written language the replacing of words such as ‘relationship’ with ‘resource’ i.e. Human Relations verses Human Resources has an effect on thinking that is subtle, complex and deep reaching. Language/s and the resulting concepts are always extremely important.
    A good example is that of the composer Franz Schubert in the nineteenth century calling the second subject of the first movement of a symphony ‘lyrical’, so there was a trend for European composers thereafter to write their version of a lyrical second subject.
    When humans are considered a ‘resource,’ with all that that means, the concepts of humanness are no longer considered. I feel that ‘Resource’ is an objective distancing word. ‘Relationships’ is a subjective, intimate word.
    I can’t help thinking that a ‘resource’ is something that is dug up from the ground, used and then discarded, where-as ‘relationship’ is generally taken to mean something that is the complete opposite.
    It seems to me that the change in terminology of ‘Human Relations’ to ‘Human Resources’ had a marked change of philosophy from inclusive to exclusive (a 180° change in concept!) to the detriment of the people who actually work at the coal-face


  2. Luvit! Real Socialism is spelled out by Karl Marx in Das Kapital. The ONLY problem I’ve ever had with Marx is complicating his simple premise with his materialistic dialectic chatter intellectualism, and incorporating his anti-religious views into a perfectly sound humanitarian docuent. The Communist Manifesto sums his case up well. Lenin tried legitimately to adapt Marx’ broad principles to the conditions in Tsarist Russia, and then Socialism was bastardized for all eternity as a noun by our WWII Dictator Megalomaniacal Ally of Choice in that violence, Uncle Josef Stalin! Grrrr. Followed by a botch job by Mao who went ego after good intent. I totally am a socialist but can’t get away with using the term. We don’t need government option, for example, we need Government medicine. Profit motive is an absurd notion for medicine. I do NOT like that if unconscious in this nation, I will be involuntarily rushed to an ER where the MD on duty who makes the choice whether to open my chest and take my heart into his own hands and manipulate the thing makes more money for him and his colleagues if he does, than if he doesn’t. Now carpet cleaning? Another matter. Private sector all the way! :o) Military: no private manufacturers and contractors whatsoever, and slash the budget by 90%. Beef up the Coast Guard and reduce all the others by 95%. Great article and great page, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Mine is Enjoy and I’ll seeya on the FB! ❤ Peace… Steve Alexander aka Unabashed Left


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