The N.H.S. is N.O.T. For Sale!

Following a recent 38 Degree campaign to save our precious health service, I have requested a copy of the 260,000 signature petition to hand to my MP, Mrs Jackie Doyle-Price.  If you go by Ms Doyle-Price’s questions in parliament, you would not be far wrong in the assumption that this MP – supposedly meant to be representing the broad interests of Thurrock as a whole – is a one-trick-pony with a bee in her bonnet about traffic and the Dartford crossing.  Hardly riveting stuff when you consider the lack of public services in my remote area of Essex.  Surely she could be finding something else to justify her holding that position of power and influence.  I don’t expect much from a Tory, especially this one, as I have emailed her office on several occasions over various matters and gone ignored but with any luck an organised meeting to hand over a recognised and well publicised petition in public may cause Ms Doyle-Price to climb off her high-horse for long enough to spare a few moments to acknowledge the actual needs of her constituents, rather than what she thinks we ought to care about.

When I have received my copy of the petition I will ring her office and arrange a meeting then follow the procedure.  I will also be notifying my Local Labour Party office (of which I am a member) as I am certain that they will have a few questions to ask on the subject.  I worry that the MP has shown little or no interest in this vital public service.


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