Angry, Atheists!?

“If you want to be taken seriously, try allowing people to comment and self moderate their comments rather than halt them so you can  filter out any criticism.  Your feed shows only your own confirmation bias and fear of any comment which does not agree entirely with your own warped ideas.

You spout utter rubbish against secularism and atheists about our anger, but has it even occurred to you why we are so enraged?  It is because people like you publicly tell lies about us and then deny us any chance of refuting those claims.  You tell others we hate you (untrue, as I don’t know you) but you have no idea about what it means to be an atheist.  We do not worship anything.  It is NOT a belief system and I think you should get your own facts straight rather than spreading the erroneous ideas that atheism is an empty and selfish belief.

I just to make you aware, I will be publishing this message and any reply you send me on my blog.”

This is the personal message I sent when my comment had been filtered for moderation against the below video.  I have not had a reply yet but I expect one soon.  This is not the worst of his videos by far.  They are all riddled with misinformation and deliberate twisting of the facts.  The idea of living under ANY form of active monarchy is sickening enough but to even suggest that a dictatorship could be even close to benevolent is laughable.  It would certainly not be benevolent toward non-Catholics.  What this man is calling for is the return of the Inquisition, and an end to any freedom of belief and expression, and any separation of church and state.  Rather than make the effort to get on with other groups, they bitch and complain about not being permitted to force their hateful doctrines on the rest of us.  This is quite typical of the catholic church  We need to make it loud and clear that we do not intend to prevent them from believing as they choose, but nor will we sit back and put up with the groundless claims made against us.

If any of you would like to send your own comments, their channel address is RealCatholicTV.  The channel has been active since august 2008 and has 4095 subscribers already.  If you get a reply I would be very interested to hear about it.


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