New World Disorder

“The central theme of Bahá’u’lláh’s message is that humanity is one single race and that the day has come for its unification in one global society. God, Bahá’u’lláh said, has set in motion historical forces that are breaking down traditional barriers of race, class, creed, and nation and that will, in time, give birth to a universal civilization. The principal challenge facing the peoples of the earth is to accept the fact of their oneness and to assist the processes of unification.” The Bahá’í Faith.

Earlier this year, a friend of mine (who I’m in grave danger of falling out with) engaged me in a surreal discussion.  After he failed to convince me of the ‘truth’ in his bizarre big-brother-conspiracy-theories, he sent me several recorded  ‘documentaries’ one of which was entitled “Invisible Empire-A New World Order Defined.”  I did not ask to be sent these films, they were foisted upon me regardless of my rather pathetic “No thanks”.  I wish I had been more strident in my reluctance after all, he has repeatedly refused to even return the favour by reading what I write in this blog.  His grounds? Because he doesn’t read blogs or anything that might challenge what he already ‘knows’.  My friend was raised Catholic which might explain why he was a) so susceptible to the scaremongering and anti-government propaganda, and b) his refusal to allow his ‘faith’ to be questioned in any way.  To say I was horrified about the level of utter paranoid delusion is to an understatement to say the least.

Add to this the anti-homosexual and racist air to the final part’s of the film.  I refuse to call it a documentary; it was nothing short of being guilty of the same ‘false colours’ dis-information it accused the government.  The whole atmosphere of the film and tone of the narrator was aggressive, and confrontational, resorting to character slurring, and defamation at the end.  I can only assume that this was aimed to lend weight to their non-argument.  It failed in epic proportions.  Even if I had begun to question some of what I thought I know, this act of playground name-calling in case all else had failed pretty much allowed me to discount what the film had shown me and cheapened -if that were possible – any argument they had made.  This form of propaganda is dangerous for several reasons.  One being that  were it believed, it turns the ‘invisible enemy’ they claim their government uses to control them, into that same government, creating a culture of distrust and a society where one cannot trust anybody.

They have gone so far as to claim that all secret societies are the same organisation.  Numerous bodies such as the Rhodes Trust (a scholarship program for exceptional students is apparently ‘just a front’ – was that the ‘intelligent’ conspiracy nuts attacking real and higher education and study there?)  and Round Table (men’s social clubs) were pulled into their baseless accusation (against pretty much everyone who isn’t them).  As much I dislike these societies and their misogynistic old-boys-club mentality, this is a schizophrenic idiocy on a mass scale and counter productive to our overall survival as a species.

These are not just the tin-foil-hat wearers who shout at strangers from alleys, though they are joined by many; they are considered credible by many others particularly by playing on a spectrum cultural prejudices.  These people are clearly against even any idea of a cooperative society and the producers of this film are using this technique of propaganda to justify their blind nationalism, individualism and an agenda of spreading this discord and mistrust as far and wide as they can. There lies yet another contradiction as thorough their castigation of all suggestions of a fair global market place, they also show their fangs to the large corporations and media organisations -many of whom started from the ground up in the true spirit of the ‘American Dream’ – are condemned out of hand.  That is different post entirely though, as my focus here is the fallacy of  if only some of the statements.  The idea that New World Order is any thing more than an idea is abject imbecility.  Every mad claim made in the film would keep me writing 2k word posts every day for a month and I really don’t want to get bogged down by this.  There are plenty of other conspiracy oriented sites and that deal with this in detail.  This is only personal to me for the mere fact that I had been asked to view them.  I can only hope that my friend reconsiders and at least views the posts that I write about these films.

In the beginning of the documentary another film, “Loose Change, by the same producer was shamelessly plugged and cited as a source.  Again, less than half way through the film, the producer deliberately addresses the viewer in order to plug Loose Change, asking us to buy the officially disc, copy it and distribute it among our friends.  I have provided a link to both only so you may view them for yourselves – and be prepared for a 2 hour-long rant: I had to pause twice to get tea– and see how ridiculous they really are.  Secondly, the pages of text they show are read fast; flashed so fast, in fact that is nearly impossible to read what is on the rest of the page, and the passages are highly selective and not given in context.

What do these people believe the New World Order is?

Single world government, under an unelected agency or not, is impractical to say the least but the paranoia of the conspiracy theorists extends to a belief in a deliberate devaluation and eventual destruction of US currency, ignoring the fact that it would also mean the same for the British Pound, the Yen, the Australian Dollar, Tunisian Dinar and other world currencies.  It seems, to them at least, that the US is in need of this special attention from the organisers of the ‘New World Order’ (so the rest of the world are unworthy of this special attention, huh?)

The Euroepean Union and the UN have both been painted as part of a New World Order conspiracy to incrementally introduce this ‘ideology’ while undermining and eventually replacing world governments and place themselves in charge.  In 1940, H.G. Wells published a book entitled New World Order.  This book envisaged only what a single individual believed at the time was the cost of true world peace.  Since then the title of the book has become a descriptive phrase to apply to a system of mutual cooperation rather than any tangible or physical organisation; it has since been sloganised and rendered meaningless as I would guess those that bandy the cliche about so casually have probably not read the book.  Having not read the book (I will do now), I don’t really have much else to say on that point for a while but give me time.

Their story changed and crossed repeatedly within the film becoming increasingly complicated and convoluted in order to cover itself.  Rather than answer any questions, it raised several – namely; Why are these people not in psychiatric care? Apparently this New World Order is being implemented gradually by large corporations – and they assure the viewer that an increasingly cooperative inclusive global society is really a huge ‘big society’ con – while also in a position to just seize power by force whenever they please.  (Hmmm.  Really?  So, Why haven;t they?  Could it be that it doesn’t exist?) Any suggestion of  mutual trust and ‘globalisation’ is treated as an entirely negative concept throughout the film without ever offering any concrete reason of why they felt this way.

Other ‘theorists’ have also concluded that the Federal Emergency Management Act (FEMA) of 1978 is a secret government and the New World Order’s first Major stride in gaining control of the US, employing secret police and covert surveillance of ordinary people.  It has become a psychedelic ‘life-imitating-art’ combination of V for Vendetta, Soylent Green (“…is people!”  Sorry. Couldn’t help it.), and 1984, with the theorists forever placing themselves in the fictional role of ‘misunderstood’ hero.  One Harry Martin of FreeAmerica maintains that FEMA is nothing less than the secret government of non-elected officials with no public accountability with powers to take over the media, relocate populations, conscript civilians into forced labour, and control the flow and supply of natural resources.  This would not then explain why FEMA was so ill-prepared to deal with hurricane Katrina, though some have had time to tie this in with their delusion that this was not really what it was set up to do.  According to Martin, FEMA is intended to take control of the US Military and suspend the Constitution under a pretext of averting a major civil disturbance.  (Yeah, I laughed at this bit too and it just gets more laughable.)

This is where the so-called theory goes even deeper.  The creation of the Department of Homeland Security was, according to this school of thought, the next big step for New World Order in the removal of the civil rights it claimed to protect and be its own front at the same time while detaining who ever they want (people like conspiracy theorists).  As I stated earlier, the locality of FEMA and DHS (not the furniture shop) are in and have their jurisdiction limited to the US but theorists have managed to delude themselves that they are also branches of NWO.

Aliens, Satan and Freemasons…

Like all conspiracies, there are sects and dissenters who treat their single-cause agenda as if it were a religion.  Very much like religionists, they protect and cosset their (often evidence-free) ideas, and where the self-deluding idiots refuse to subject them to challenge or criticism; some even claim their lack of solid evidence as proof on it’s own.  The New World Order is thought by some to be prophesied in the Bible as the one-world government of the Antichrist.  In with this mad-cap, maniacal, mumbo-jumbo, is the claim that the Vatican serves as the prophet for the Anti-Christ and the Catholic Church help ‘legitimise’ the NWO in countries where they still have some influence.  The NWO delusion also involves a single religion and, as the conspiracy has it, they hope to achieve this through the National and World Council of Churches.  <sarcasm>In other words this elusive but terrible New World Order of global peace, trust and cooperation, is a supernatural front by Satan to destroy Christianity.  Yes, that’s likely.</ sarcasm>

If you believe the likes of David Icke, Satanic Cultists, secret societies like the Freemasons, and aliens are working in conjunction with FEMA and the DHS in underground NWO bases even though the term “Masonic government” has no meaning since individual Freemasons hold many different opinions on what constitutes a good government, and Freemasonry as a body has no opinion on the topic.

Secret technology…

Much of what is written (utter bollocks) about this New World Order Carries with it an element of technophobic ignorance of so-called “pro-scientism”.  They hold that computer chips and login, bar-codes, credit cards and even local library records are really a plot to track us and gain information that can be used against us.  Many choose to ‘live off the grid’ , using only cash and no cash machines, keep no permanent address, and avoid any activity which involves submitting personal information (like getting a job and making a real contribution to society for instance, but that leaves them plenty of time to add more layers to their conspiracy theories.  Its one thing to have no luck finding a job, it’s another to outright refuse to get one because the NWO might find them.).  Living in a modern society, it is almost impossible to do this and I would suspect that even those who claim to do so are actually well within the ‘grid’ they fear so much.

The mythology is as varied as it is imaginative, with otherworldly technology such as subliminal implanted bodily computer chips which track us and more.  In 1993 the US began the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP very interesting and will have to have a closer look at it).  The aim is to explore atmospheric conditions that could affect communication and surveillance systems by means of a radio transmitter that allows them to alter and analyse the ionosphere.  This has become one of the more discussed technologies within this conspiracy circle and duly been adopted as a part of their ongoing saga. Some, such as Nick Begich and Jeane Manning, believe it capable of disrupting and modifying human mental thought processes (tin-hats…that’s all I’m saying) and is really a mind-control device, as well as a tool to monitor and jam communications around the world.  On top of this, they believe it can control the weather, knock out enemy satellite and spacecraft, harm wildlife and human health, and disrupt the atmosphere.

‘Chemitrials’ are also on the list of NWO layers.  Those trails of steam left by aircraft that most call ‘contrails’ and know to be composed of water vapour and ice crystals.  The range of ‘explanations’ goes from the sublime to the ridiculous;

  1. chemical or biological agents to pacify and control the population, (while working with the catholic church who are pro-life and anti-population control?)
  2. chemical or biological agents to eliminate a percentage of the world population (again with the Catholic church but they don’t think that people might notice huge swathes of population suddenly turning up their toes for no apparent reason?),
  3. intended to modify and control the weather (despite HAARP?)

All forms of Psychiatry, (I wonder why?) like many other cults and religions, is considered to be one of the more dangerous parts of the NWO scheme for world domination.  As far as the conspiracy non-theorists are concerned it is a ploy to regulate and control a populace; to keep it docile and quiet until they choose to make their move.  To explain their bizarre ‘exposure’ of this non-existent plot, they have added to their invention NWO detention camps in which dissenters, (i.e. them) will be held. Operation Rex 84, according to Jim Keith, who later became briefly involved with Scientology, Reagan ordered the creation of more than twenty of these camps across America (so they swore the construction workers etc. to secrecy here too?).

And What do this New World Order seek then?

It’s no coincidence that this so-called NWO is feared by the far-right but from what sense, (and I use that term very loosely), I can glean from various sources, it seeks to create a planned global government economy, controlled by the technologically wealthy elite and enslave the rest of the world.  Ken Adachi, a ‘researcher’ claims that the NWO plans to eliminate 5.5 billion people through deliberate introduction of bio-engineered disease through vaccinations and inoculations (the same ones that protect us from diseases?) and orchestrated conflict.  He also believes they have been building a series of underground cities on Earth, moon bases and Mars bases, for the wealthy and liberal ‘elite’ can live with the aliens and wait out their planned ecological catastrophe in safety



The whole thing is just too massive to be a single coordinated effort,controlled by a mere few.  Aside from the devices of mind and weather control it ticks nearly all boxes of WOO, aside from the fact that it is centralised to America.

  • Illuminati
  • The Freemasons
  • CIA
  • Intelligence Community,
  • The US military
  • The occult

The sloppiness of the theory has even produced a second branch.  This is including those that try to incorporate every theory into one…er…giant mess: The Bilderbergers, the UN, the Freemasons, Illuminati, aliens, MJ12, the Antichrist, Satanists, the Rothschilds, Roswell, the moon landings, Princess Diana, the Rhodes trust… and the list goes on.  The problem being is that while one version of  is feared by the right, quite another is feared by the left, and secular, and religious…which also goes on and on and is another very good reason to disbelieve the lot. Why? Because as I stated earlier, it is based on fear from ignorance resulting in prejudice.  It is based on a jealous suspicion that someone else is getting more than their share of something they want, be it influence, power, money or otherwise (definitely sanity!)

In short the NWO theory encompasses pretty much every paranoid fantasy that the realms of science-fiction can dredge out of the murky depths of deluded psychosis and deposit, rather wetly, on our virtual doormats.  Because, like religion, this is what has become of  our society.  Where, on one side we have the blind-faithful banging on our doors on a Saturday, causing real issues by trying to enforce laws and legislate morality that does actually restrict personal liberty, on the other we have those ‘theorists’ determined to dismiss reality and whatever other solid facts that don’t happen to correspond fully with what (if anything?) is going through their heads at the time, in favour of a made up horror show of conspiracy and cover-ups.  It seems that rational discourse has been usurped by the foamy rantings of those not mentally equipped to deal with a fast changing world and the saddest thing about it is that they have done it entirely to themselves.

“Most people react with disbelief and skepticism towards the topic, unaware that they have been conditioned (brainwashed) to react with skepticism by institutional and media influences that were created by the Mother of All mind control organizations: The Tavistock Institute of Human RelationsKen Adachi

Throughout the film they persist in the patronising assertion that those of us who do not indulge in their doomsday fantasies are hypnotised and deluded by mainstream media ‘entertainment’.  This film is produced by those amongst us who wouldn’t believe reality even if it was put right under their nose and bit them.  Those people are NOT open-minded, calling themselves skeptics and debunkers for all the wrong reasons.  It is the conspiracy nuts that give true skeptics a bad name as true skeptic looks at the evidence and puts together a testable theory from that; these people have only a mad twisted and imagined hypothesis based on pre-existing prejudice, with which they use to select and sift information and in their infantile manner try to force that square peg in to the round hole, come what may. This is why we (rational few) must be so careful when we write to not fall into the trap of reproducing these paranoid rantings.   It is not going to be easy to counter these individuals but that is not to say it is impossible.

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  1. Al Stefanelli says:

    Wow, this has got to be one of your best ever, Anna! Well presented and thank you for the links! I am bookmarking this for a re-read later, as well! Keep it up! -Al Stefanelli, founder, United Atheist Front


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