Baroness Varsi; In Love With Her Straw-Man?

BBC Newsnight from Thursday 16th September.

Baroness Varsi’s arguments and comments were farcical.

“We need understand to faith…support faith communities.” she claims.

She also claims

  1. that religious people are more likely to give, volunteer or ‘do good’, for that reason.
  2. and, however indirectly, supported the hailing of the religious for their good deeds because they are religiously motivated on the pretext that they are worth more for that reason. (By the way being mercenary is what renders an, otherwise decent, act worthless.)

While she refuses to acknowledge that

  1. the non-religious are equally capable of and selflessness humanitarian acts,
  2. failed,quite deliberately it seems, to recognise the fact that only a third of charities in this country are faith-based – that means that 2/3 aren’t-
  3. ignores entirely the fact that not all people who give to and volunteer for work with those charities and causes share those religious beliefs.

Listen to the whole segment because there is a second part to the topic and  I was rather taken aback by the words of the Vicar too.  Despite Emily’s clumsy manoeuvring, I remain sceptical about his motives.  Call me cynical but that seemed like a PR sales act.

The crux of it is that, according to her own statements, Varsi seems to support

  1. the idea of marginalisation of non-believers, the privileging and prioritise of religion within society by publicly funding and directing public services primarily toward faith communities, and
  2. to allow the disgusting discrimination of others ‘on religious grounds’.  (She opposed the idea of non-religious people being protected, by law, from discrimination).
  3. more tax breaks for religious organisations.

Her comments to the CofE Bishops’ conference, AGAIN, painted non-believers as selfish and greedy.  It is very clear that her attitudes are based on a combination of her own religious preconceptions and wilful misrepresentation of statistics.  I am wondering when these ultra-conservative religion-heads (NOT heads of religion), are going to realise that their digs, lies, and ill-informed jibes against atheists and secularists do nothing but expose their own flimsy ideas for what they are; tawdry gimmicks.


2 thoughts on “Baroness Varsi; In Love With Her Straw-Man?

  1. bazzaroo says:

    Religionists are so used to dealing all the time with falsehoods means that IMHO they find it very easy and very natural to lay on thick layers of bullshit to attempt to cover any truths that don’t agree with their POV!


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