The Iranian regime has failed and their ‘officials’ know it!

“Sakineh’s case has become a battle between Iran and the media and the people around the world. They’re killing time in the hope that people would forget Sakineh. What is clear is that the officials don’t want to step back because they see it as a sign of defeat for the regime if they do so.”_- Sakineh’s new Lawyer.

The replacement lawyer, Houtan Kian, appointed by the Iranian government to defend Sakineh has had his house raided by officials.  This is most likely to have been to deprive the lawyer of any evidence he has gathered against THEM.  Property was confiscated including laptops and documents -including one which shows Sakineh was acquitted of her husband’s murder- after they entered the building by force.  No copies of these documents have been located since and her son, Sajad, rightly fears that the government is systematically destroying the evidence in Sakineh’s favour.  Her first Lawyer has already been forced to flee the country after his wife and brother were arrested by the Iranian government.  Kian also disclosed to the Guardian that the charge of adultery is completely fabricated as the judge was ‘sure’ that she ‘must have’ had extramarital sex.  Her partner in this supposed adultery has never been named and nor has any ‘suspect’ been questioned.  Such is the hypocrisy of Islam.

Bit by bit this woman is being subjected to systematic mental and emotional torture by a regime of despicable hatred and disdain for human life.  They clearly hate her in particular because her case seems to have been the final straw with the international community.  It has attracted endless media attention on top of international pressure to release a prisoner who is clearly not guilty of their false and vague accusations.  On top of the fresh campaign of harassment of her new lawyer, her family were prevented from visiting her on Thursday and told by guards that she was unwilling to see them.  She was later told that no one had come to visit her and that her family had abandoned her.

Do they think that the rest of the world are credulous fools who would believe whatever claims they dream up against this woman?  They are embarrassed of how they have shown themselves to be just another theocratic dictatorship. This is obvious, especially now that both of the lawyers THEY assigned to her have neither played their game nor allowed her to be executed on the basis of their lies. Coupled with the obviously forced/faked confession video in which the voice is dubbed and her face is obscured to the point where the identity of both speaker and subject are dubious at best, Iran seems to be going to outrageous lengths to embarrass itself.

On Saturday they informed her that she would be hanged the next day.  They allowed her to write a will and say goodbye to her cell mates in Tabriz Prison, but the execution did not take place.  It is self-evident now that the Iranian government are using the public outcry against their outside Iran as a pitiful excuse to mistreat her further.  They believe their behaviour will force us to give up and forget her, enabling them to execute her without argument or notice.  It will NOT.  She has already lost her husband, spent four years in prison, been flogged for adultery, acquitted of murder and recharged with adultery and complicity in the death.  Through this she has kept fighting.  It’s a frightening thought that not only has she not been the first to endure this disgusting form of abuse but she will probably not be the last.  We must encourage the women of Iran to fight back and open our borders to all who claim asylum in order to show Iran that the rest of the world will not be intimidated.

“I beg everybody in the world to continue their support for my mother. That is the only way she might be spared from the death sentence,” – Sajad Mohammadi

She has been sentenced to yet another 99 lashes after allowing an unveiled photograph of herself to be published in a British newspaper.  The photo was claimed to have spread corruption and indecency as it shows the image of a woman, purported to be Sakineh, who is unveilled.  The woman in the photograph is actually political activist, Susan Hejrat, who lives in Sweden.  Her family was informed of the new sentence by prisoners who had been released.  In response to the photograph, Sakineh has been cut off from her family and defence lawyer, refused access to a phone or the outside world. This picture was published in The Times on 28th August but was not of Sakineh and the paper has since apologised, claiming that the photograph was given to them by Mohammad Mostafaei, one of Sakineh’s Lawyers, who in turn obtained it from Sakineh’s son which he denies.  Sajad has criticised the Iranian Government for using the mistaken identity as an excuse to continue their harassment of his mother. He also accuses them of building their own ‘case’ against her.  Iran has now apparently ‘lost’ the files on Sakineh’s husband’s death which lends yet more weight to the argument that Iran is embarrassed and are trying to cover their tracks with yet more lies and fabrications.

To add insult to injury, Keyhan, whose editor and chief was appointed by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, accused Carla Bruni-Sarkozy of being a prostitute on  the 28th August 2010 and repeated the claim again on the 31st under the headline “French prostitutes enter human rights uproar“.  Within this article they criticise Bruni-Sarkozy for having ‘illicit relationships’, and blame her for Sarkozy’s second divorce. An Iranian vice-president accused Britons of being ‘inhuman idiots’ They also claim that her motives for her support are due to the fact that she is also ‘immoral’ and ‘deserves to die’ herself.  It astounds me that the Iranian Government has not taken the credit for this atrocious piece of character assassination.  They have urged the newspaper to refrain from outright insults but have not offered either an apology for or a retraction of the comments.  This is yet another attempt to win back their support by smearing the characters of those who oppose their actions and attitudes and then pretending that they disapprove of it.  I do not believe a word that the Iranian government has to say as they have proven time and time again that they are not to be trusted.

Indeed, the Iranian government has not only working, however unsuccessfully, to obfuscate facts and deceive the rest of the world in order to execute an innocent prison, but has even gone on to target human rights activists and invent charges for them too.  Shiva Nazar is accused of being involved with People’s Mujahideen of Iran.  Nazar is speaker sor Iran’s Committee of Human Rights and was also put on trial on Saturday and if she is convicted, she too could face execution.  Her lawyer has stipulated that the charges against his client are false.  Another, Nasrin Sotoudeh was warned she would be arrested if she continued to support Shirin Ebadi, the Nobel Peace prize laureate who was forced to flee the day before the election.   Ebadi’s office was raided last year and also had property confiscated. The Lawyer is representing her in three cases including one against the Newspaper Keyhan.  Shadi Sadr is an award winning human rights lawyer who was forced to leave Iran after the election.  It is clear that Iran is intent on silencing any and all opposition to their usurpation of democracy and justice.  Lawyers and activists seem to be influential as well as the the only reliable sources of information in Iran as their media has been infected by government-placed management. Nor is it a coincidence that their prime targets are women and human right’s activists.  Women have no legal rights in Iran and the fact that they have not just disposed of these people is owed only to the fact that the rest of the world has them under close scrutiny and their borders leek information like a sieve.  Iran is clumsily trying to make an example of these people and in doing so they have lost all credibility, if they had any to begin with, with the rest of the world.

UN inspectors have been barred from carrying out their enquiries and Iran has been accused of not only hampering the inspections but breaking UN seals on it’s Uranium stockpile (2.8 tonnes of LEU) but it does not seem to have increased it’s rate of enriching the Uranium they claim is for fuel.  The inspectors will not know if uranium has been diverted until a stocktake due to take place next month.  I say bring it FORWARD and do it now. Four weeks gives them time to hide any that has been removed.  On top of this, laboratory equipment used for seperating uranium or plutonium from depleted nuclear fuel, has been moved under IAEA  surveillance.  Requests for information regarding it’s activities and plans for that Uranium go ignored. This, if it has been diverted would then have to be  further enriched to bring it to weapons grade purity.  Iran is already subject to UN resolutions to cease the enrichment of uranium stocks, and international sanctions which have done little or nothing to bring them to task.  What worries me most in all this, that we are building up to yet another war and yet more bloodshed against a country that DOES have nuclear capabilities.  Not only are they liars but they are bad liars and that makes them all the more dangerously unpredictable.



3 thoughts on “The Iranian regime has failed and their ‘officials’ know it!

  1. bazzaroo says:

    I’m flabbergasted and very puzzled at this entire Iranian stance. It seems to be a case of “Never, EVER let plain old FACTS get in the way of a religious POV!”


  2. Al Stefanelli says:

    “Such is the hypocrisy of Islam”

    Anna, this is excellently written and well-researched. Very well done! You’ve provided a glimpse into a problem that is all-too-often ignored. Keep it up! -AL


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