Biased Press Coverage.

Right wing-media and news channels have their fingers in so many pies, that while we think we are choosing one paper or another, we are in fact being fed rehashed news from a Media mogul with a near monopoly on news coverage.  Media can have a massive effect on public opinion.  Yesterday the Guardian published a blog in their Comment Is Free segment, exposing the bias of various media sources and the glaringly obvious attempts they make to sway public opinion in one direction or another.  I am not excluding the Guardian from this, it has long been known to be one of the more left-wing newspapers and has made no secret in this.

It begs the question from some, of why I read the others when I clearly don’t agree with them?  It does not pay to only read the sources which pander to our preconceptions. It does us no good to ignore the news from a particular source because we happen to find their tone distasteful and their content both vulgar and obtuse.  I cannot stress the point more vehemently, when that news does not have to be pleasant or palatable, nor does it have to measure up to my expectations of literary content.  The news should however should have to be true and verifiable, as well as impartial and balanced.  It is up to us to determine what is reliable, by checking facts and ignoring the media’s blatant spin and gloss.  With the presence of the internet, it should be more difficult for News businesses to influence the public.  It is not up to them to influence public opinion by colouring the facts.

What is alarmingly absent from the reports is that as EU citizens, we are also entitled to go and live and work in other EU countries.  There is no law preventing us from leaving.  There are no

While it is not difficult to be swept up in a media storm, it is also not difficult to find out who owns these news papers and piece together their agenda; other than to sell newspapers and make money. When news publishers have a political affiliation they become propaganda networks are instantly an unreliable source of information.  Below is a run down of the UK national newspapers, and who they are owned by.  It is heavily weighted in favour of conservative nationalism.

The Express,

The Express is owned by Richmond Desmond, a known right-wing business man.  He not only owns Express Newspapers but was a founder (in 1974) of Northern & Shell, which publishes various celebrity magazines: OK!New! and Daily Star (in the UK). Northern & Shell owns Five and Portland TV,[1]which in turn owns the adult TV channels; Television XRed Hot TV and others.

The Daily Telegraph,

The Telegraph is owned jointly by Sir David Barclay and Sir Frederick Barclay. Their Press Holdings company owns The Business and The Spectator magazine. The Telegraph Group Limited titles are controlled via a wholly owned subsidiary Press Acquisitions Limited.

The Daily Mail,

Is a paper known for it’s dubious stories and numerous libel cases brought against it, was also known to have openly supported, Oswald Mosley and defend fascism.  It is the main national newspaper owned by Associated and sells more than two million copies per issue, giving it one of the largest circulations of any English language daily newspaper, and the twelfth highest of any newspaper in the world.  The Mail on Sunday is the sister paper of the Daily Mail, published weekly on Sundays.  Associated Newspapers took over the publishing of Ireland on Sunday in 2001. The title was re-launched in April 2002 to coincide with the move to its new offices in Ballsbridge, Dublin. It included TV Week magazine and in September 2006 it was merged with the Mail on Sunday and became the Irish Mail on Sunday.

Mail Today is a 48-page compact size newspaper launched in India on 16 November 2007 that is printed in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida with a print run of 110,000 copies. Based around a subscription model, the newspaper has the same fonts and feel as the Daily Mail and was set up with investment from Associated Newspapers and editorial assistance from the Daily Mail newsroom.[4]Indian foreign media ownership laws restrict holdings to 26 percent.  Metro – Metro is the UK’s only urban national newspaper. Launched in March 1999 as a free, stapled newspaper, it was distributed initially in London. But since has been published every weekday morning, around Yorkshire, the North West, Newcastle and the North East, the East Midlands, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Cardiff and Scotland. Metro’s readership is 2.2 million (NRS June ‘07), with over 1.3 million copies printed.  Loot – not a mainstream newspaper, although is available nationally. Classified directory. London Lite – free sheet that was formerly called the Standard Lite, but was re-designed to compete with News International‘s new free sheetthelondonpaper. It was also a free sheet and was handed out by vendors in the evening around the London Zone 1 area.  This was dis-continued in 2009.

The Independent,

Alexander Yevgenievich Lebedev (Russian: Александр Евгеньевич Лебедев, born 16 December 1959 inMoscow) is a Russian businessman, is part owner of the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta[2] and owner of three UK newspapers: the London Evening Standard, theThe Independent and the Independent on Sunday.

The Daily Mirror,

The Mirror is currently Owned by Trinity Mirror plc along with 240 regional papers as well as the national  Sunday Mirror andPeople, and the Scottish Sunday Mail and Daily Record.

News International Ltd,

is a British newspaper publisher owned by Rupert Murdoch‘s News Corporation. Until June 2002, it was called News International Plc. The company’s major titles are published by three subsidiary companies, Times Newspapers Ltd,News Group Newspapers[1] and NI Free Newspapers Limited.  Times Newspapers Limited publishes the compact daily newspaper The Times and the broadsheet The Sunday Times.  News Group Newspapers publishes the tabloid newspapers The Sun and the News of the World.

Murdoch states that he acts as a “traditional proprietor”; exercising editorial control on major issues such as which political party to back in a general election or policy on Europe.[

The Guardian,

Formerly known as The Manchester Guardian, is a British national daily newspaper owned by the Guardian Media Group.  Founded in 1821, it is unique among major British newspapers in being owned by a foundation (the Scott Trust, via the Guardian Media Group). It is known for its left-of-centre political stance.  At the 2010 election it supported the Liberal Democrats.



One thought on “Biased Press Coverage.

  1. I believe the biggest problem we have in this situation, is the fact that the general public either don’t want to, or feel they don’t have the time to fact check on their own. They eat what the press feeds them, and they take it as the end all be all. News flash, folks! Our modern press is no longer a majority of reporters looking for truth. They are entertainers searching, and sometimes, creating stories that sell, shock, captivate, and manipulate the general public. They are no longer objective observers. At times, they are the story.
    Search for the truth yourselves, people. Make your own decisions. We have an amazing wealth of information in today’s age of the internet. Use it. Take the truth back from the press. They obviously aren’t going to give it up on their own.


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