Stephen Fry on Humanism (2006 Hay Festival), Blasphemy and Respect.

Once we subscribe to a theology, we hand control over to a cleric. Religion makes us slaves to fear and guilt it grants credit to our good works to an ancient hallucination.  It controls the imagination and drives otherwise normal people to commit horrific acts of violence against total strangers so that they can attain martyrdom.  It allows dishonest business men to con vulnerable people out of millions through so-called televangelism.  It encourages people to hate and condemn those people because they live in ways they personally have no understanding of.  To hate the sin but ‘love the sinner’ is a ludicrous notion that allows people to excuse their irrational prejudices.

No person has the right to be offended by your beliefs.  Non-belief is harming nobody. Non belief does not grant us entitlement to behave as we please.  Those who say that non-believers have no claim to morality have stolen everything good about human nature and given it freely to the bankrupt theologians who wish to maintain their artificially elevated positions in society. They have dehumanised atheists, humanists, and secularists to justify their preconceptions.  They falsely claim that those who commit atrocities in their names were not ‘real (insert creed here)’ to distance themselves from those acts rather than admit their association and then condemn those acts.

I would also love to know where the idea that atheism is a religion. Atheism is the belief that there is no God.

“You can tell when people are getting this wrong because they incorrectly capitalize atheism and atheist in the middle of sentences, as if it were a proper noun like Christianity or Muslim. It’s not!” – Atheism for Beginners, What Atheism Is and Is Not, By ,



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