The true views of the Conservative Religious right as expressed by one of their own!!!

Yesterday I read an article which almost sent me apoplectic! I am not in the habit of including an entire article in my blogs but In this case I am willing , in fact, I insist on making an exception.  The article is by one Chrissy Satterfield for World Net Daily and entitled ‘My Kind of Vandals’.  For those who have already read this atrocity to decency, I recommend you scroll down for the next part.

Just when I start believing there is no hope for our country I get a little reminder from my God that all is not lost. It was reported June 29 that a billboard sign sponsored by a North Carolina atheist organization had been vandalized. The ad reads, “One Nation Indivisible.” It seems someone didn’t think the sign was an accurate depiction of our Pledge of Allegiance, so the vandals inserted “Under God” with spray paint – and I couldn’t be more relieved. It’s nice to know that I am not alone in my beliefs and that some people are still willing to stand on the right side of truth.

Never would I encourage vandalism, but in this case I think I’ll let it slide. Atheists have been vandalizing my beliefs for years, so it’s about time the shoe was on the other foot. When asked about the vandalism, William Warren, the spokesman for Charlotte Atheists and Agnostics, said, “It was done by one or two people off on their own who decided their only recourse was vandalism rather than having a conversation.” Hmm. That’s interesting, because the Charlotte Atheists and Agnostics felt its only recourse was to deliberately insult those who understand the importance of “Under God.” They probably figured that because the Bible teaches Christians to turn the other cheek, we’ll just take their abuse forever. We will only take so much before we stand up against our oppressors. Besides, I can’t count how many times an atheist and I have had a “conversation.” They’re not as calm and passive as Warren suggests.

The best part of this whole situation, though, is that these secular billboards were part of aFourth of July project that placed similar ads in Greensboro, Raleigh and a handful of other cities – and it totally backfired. They underestimated their demographic, and because the vandalism occurred days before the Fourth, no one could service the billboard until after the holiday. It’s the small victories in life that make it all worthwhile.

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What did this group think would happen? They placed this controversial message on a billboard that just so happens to be on a street named after Rev. Billy Graham. Did they expect the response to be positive? The group claimed that the billboard was not meant to disrespect Rev. Graham, but for some reason I don’t trust them. This billboard campaign was a calculated insult to Christians, and the atheists thought it was appropriate. That shows you how spiteful this organization is. They took an American celebration and made it about them.

Warren also made clear, regarding the vandalism, “It does show how needed our message is. As atheists we want to let people know we exist and that there’s a community here.” Oh, people know you exist all right. Any time you have a problem, the Left is ready to hear you out. But anytime a Christian has something to say it gets swept under the liberal rug and dismissed like our rights aren’t important. “Oh, it’s the Christians again; let their ‘god’ take care of it.” Well, let’s see them ignore this.

Incidentally, when was the last you heard about a Christian billboard that was vandalized? It happens all the time, yet it’s never “newsworthy.” But when an atheist’s right to put his beliefs on blast is vandalized it’s “Poor atheists. They have a right to ad space.” Atheists are always saying how offended they are by, well … everything. How is this billboard not offensive to me? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Where’s my PC? And who’s protecting my right not to be offended?

At last a silver lining. Someone actually made a difference without broadcasting his name to the world. The vandal stood up for what he believed in and said, “To heck with what anyone thinks.” I find it quite refreshing considering all of the negativity our country has accumulated lately. It’s nice to reflect on something positive, especially during the Fourth of July weekend and the days that follow. The timing was impeccable.

I would like to extend my deepest thanks to the man or woman responsible for this vandalism. I appreciate the action you took. Thank you for reminding me that I’m not alone. It took a lot of guts to do what you did – and the fact that you haven’t stepped forward to take credit makes you a hero. It shows everyone that you are more devoted to the message than you are to the spotlight. I encourage you to keep your cover. Don’t give the secular world a reason to call your name; instead, let them call for our God.

I also need to extend a thank-you to some people in Sacramento and Detroit. In February, 10atheist billboards were defaced in the Golden State and a slew of atheist bus ads were vandalized in Detroit. My dose of honesty this week: I am not happy that vandalism seems to be the only way to get an atheist’s attention. I’m happy that I can count on other Christians to stand up for themselves and for Christians everywhere. It gives me hope.

I will admit my response to this vitriolic diatribe against freedom of expression was driven by anger and disgust but I no less stand by my previous statement.  Reading it again made me feel just as sick but I had to highlight the most ignorant points.

I have never read such a venomous piece of claptrap in my life. You actually made me feel sick. When US law is not blatantly biased in favour of religion, and the church and its followers cease trying to force their backwards views on the rest of us and let us just get on with life, I might have more sympathy. In the meantime, being offended by not only our existence but by building a community of our own, makes YOU the bigot, not I.

Believe what you want, just don’t expect the rest of us to follow suit. It might hurt your poor little pampered feelings when people who disagree with you do so openly. Grow up and deal with it like an adult.

Her response;

Speaking of adults, I appreciate your ability to think with an open mind. I’m always open to other opinions and I’m relieved that an outstanding citizen such as yourself feels that the adult thing to do is facebook an attack with such a hateful tone.

Let me just ask, and feel free to not answer seeing as how you probably don’t have an answer, but when was the last time your right to believe in nothing was violated? Has the government ever forced you to believe in anything but yourself?

Your point has been made, it’s perfectly normal for you to verbally bash me but when I make an observation and formulate an opinion it’s eloquently painted as a “venomous piece of claptrap”. If you had read my article thoroughly you would see at the end I wasn’t happy that vandalism was the reaction to the billboard, I was simply happy that I’m not alone. The ad campaign was a deliberate slap in the face to Christians and now that you’re feeling a little of what we’ve felt every time we open our mouths, your pampered feelings are hurt.

I don’t care what atheists do. It’s their life if they want to live a certain way, who am I to say otherwise. But when their way of life insults my beliefs, that’s when I feel hurt. And just like you, I have every right to feel offended.

It always amazes me that people come at me with such hate when in fact they are proving my point. Conservatives are never allowed to be offended or take action against anyone. And people like you are only satisfied when playing the victim. Great strategy.

As always I appreciate all points of view, doesn’t mean we have to agree. Perhaps you should take your own advice and let go of that hate you’re obviously clinging to. Please feel free to facebook my wnd account. I don’t appreciate being heckled on my personal account. Thank you!

Thank you for reading and keep being a great American.

Can she be serious? She really has turned it completely around!  It seems incredible that she has not realised the privileged position of Conservatives, who not only make the rules but that the varied societies of Christian representation have such a privileged position that they do not even need to pay tax! If she is truly offended by another’s right not to be forced into a religious way of life then I think she has more of a mental health issue than one of plain ignorance.  As a cure I would suggest she sit down and actually take a non-biased look at the bible she puts so much stock in; the same bible which promotes slavery, racism and misogyny.

I replied back

My right to believe in nothing is a misnomer. Your first assumption appears to be that I have neither beliefs, moral’s or values and you have based on the fact that I have no belief in God. I wonder where you got this idea from. Your phrase ‘People like you’ has completely enlightened me to your unmovable disdain of atheists. The atheist way of life is to value our lives and the lives of others. We make the most of the one life we have. We have no ulterior motives for our actions and ‘we’re’ good because it’s the decent way to be, not because something told us to. What is there to be offended at? Is it perhaps that we can be happy in our lives without religion?

In answer to your question, I must first clarify that I am English and living in the UK. Our right to non-belief is violated every day. Every time somebody knocks on my door trying to convert me my right to privacy is violated. The government is at least partially to blame because they have not prohibite this practice so on the grounds of ‘Freedom of Religion’ it goes on. When I object, does that make me the one at fault? I’m not saying Christians shouldn’t be Christians. What I am pulling you up on is the fact is you are not offended just by what we say or don’t believe, you are offended by the public expression of ideas that do not match your own.

UK schoolchildren are compelled, by law, to participate in daily acts of Christian worship. This is both divisive and damaging to social and community cohesion. It was forced on me throughout my school life and unless this ridiculous law is repealed, my son will have to go through the same thing when he starts school (I am campaigning for this to be repealed). We have a multi-cultural society in the UK which means that Hindu, Sikh and Muslim families who send their children to state schools also have have to face this problem. On my quest I have been faced with the ‘this is a Christian country so if you don’t like it, get out!’, statement more times than I care to remember. So, please do not tell me that I have not faced discrimination because I have but in most cases I am not only offended for myself and fellow non-believers but for non-Christians of other faiths as well.

Your article was less about the vandalism of the sign and more about your indignation toward a group of people who had paid to legitimately place billboards with the message “One Nation Undivided”. The message was inclusive, and promoted no group or society over another. The message could be in now way construed as negative or exclusive. The idea was not to make the day ‘about us’, but to highlight the fact that being non-religious is not the same as being non patriotic. I was always taught that the 4th July was about celebrating America’s independence from the British crown. I am yet to discover where religion played a part.

The various Christian billboards peppering your motorways and main roads may have been vandalised, but why do you automatically assume that it was from atheistic motivation?

You clearly find it acceptable for those who do not share your beliefs to be ostracised by society and painted as ‘un-American’. You have shown that you believe we are either immoral or unpatriotic by merit of not being Christians. Both the media and those who share your ideas are happy to perpetuate this hateful and false representation of our characters. You are happy that this person saw the right to express their view as permission to oppress the rights of another because that’s what the vandalism stood for and your response was to publicly applaud this interpretation as they ‘share your views’. The act of vandalism was a statement to non-believers that have we no right to express any belief which does not concur with those of the religious right. Why do we have any less right to express our beliefs than you do? If you truly believed in the right to freedom of speech and freedom expression then you would be as offended as I am that the sign was vandalised at all. Freedom of religion does not cancel out the other two freedom works both ways.

Your media, and your politicians, have every right to disagree with us. What you don’t have the right to do is prevent us from expressing our beliefs. We are not forcing others to follow our examples by using legal loopholes. You claim to be the land of the free, well live by that claim. (Freedom sometimes comes at the cost of some bruised feelings.) Just think about how conservative Christians come across to the rest of us. For example, Texas changing the history text books to favour Calvin over Jefferson? Forcing intelligent design into schools in the place of the study of evolution? Expecting everyone to just pick up and tow their line? That isn’t freedom! That is a totalitarian theocracy and to be trying to overcome this and ‘fight for freedom’ in the middle east, while the in the west the Church and it’s followers seem to be busily trying to mirror it under another label, smacks of blatant hypocrisy.

I did not present you with any hate. I don’t know you, we have never met and living on almost opposite sides of the globe, we are unlikely to. I came at you with the justified anger that you had provoked. You have told your public that the attitude expressed by that vandal (not the vandalism), was commendable. Carry on with what you write but don’t expect it to go unanswered or for others to just like it or lump it.

“I may disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it” – Voltaire

I will keep you posted with any updates.



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