How to convert an Atheist…(Go on and try it!)

The below videos are ones I found on Youtube (FightingAtheist).  They lay out precisely what is required in order to prove the truth in any given religion.

“I have yet to meet a theist who would acknowledge even the possibility that his belief was in error. Many theists, by their own admission, structure their beliefs so that no evidence could disprove them…Fundamentalists very frequently claim that we have hardened hearts, we are dogmatic and irrational, and that we reject God based on preconceived bias. Such claims result from psychological projection. Incapable of coping with the fact that there are some people who genuinely do not believe in their god, these theists simply deny that such people exist, and instead insist that everyone thinks the same way they do…”

The Convincing Arguments.

  1. Verified, specific prophecies that could not have been contrived in any way.
  2. Scientific knowledge in holy books that was not available at the time.

Circumstantial Yet Not Completely Convincing Evidence.

  1. A genuinely flawless and consistent holy book.
  2. A religion without internal disputes or factions.
  3. A religion whose followers have never committed or taken part in any atrocities.

The Unconvincing Arguments.

  1. Speaking in tongues or other pseudo-miracles.
  2. Seeing the Virgin Mary in a water stain or Mother Teresa in a piece of pastry.
  3. Faith healing or people being “slain in the Spirit” and toppling over.
  4. People’s conversion stories.
  5. Any subjective experience.
  6. The Bible Code or other numerological feats.
  7. Creationism of any sort.

2 thoughts on “How to convert an Atheist…(Go on and try it!)

  1. very interesting thoughts. I’ve enjoyed what I have read so far. If it is o.k., I would love to add your blog url to my site. I think it would be a very logical link from mine. My last blog post was titled “Believers, Non-Believers, and the Burden of Proof”. I think you would dig it as well, if you ever want to check it out.


    • You are welcome. I’m very new on the scene and I’m lucky if I 30 views a day right now.

      I have a small boy who’s into everything so my writing time is limited which is probably why.

      Please feel free to have really good nose around. I have some of my poetry, a few novel chapters, photos and paintings on here too (It’s not all just scary left wing atheism honest) and I will add you to my Blogroll to return the favour.


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