BREAKING: House Of Lords Forced To Accept ESA WRAG Cuts

The Lords have chosen not to introduce new amendments to the Welfare Reform and Work Bill today.

Members of the Lords discussed MPs’ amendments on Universal Credit and Employment and Support Allowance. With reluctance, the House bowed to Parliamentary procedure and has accepted the primacy of of the House of Commons, because the Bill concerned finance.

Lord Low called it a black day for a half a million people.

The cuts to Universal Credit and Employment and Support Allowance will now go forward as the Bill will receive Royal Assent.

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They Are Coming For Our Kids! Jobcentre Harassment To Start From 12 Years Old.

A disgraceful any sneaky attempt to force our youth into wage slavery.

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ids-dead-teddySchool-children as young as 12 are to face Jobcentre harassment coercing them to join unpaid work schemes when they leave education the DWP have announced today.

Jobcentres busy-bodies are to be sent out into schools in a chilling move that  Iain Duncan Smith has pledged  will have a ‘dramatic’ impact on the nation’s children and encourage social mobility.  Yet this, of course, is a bare-faced lie.  There is no mention of going to college, university, or even starting a real job in today’s gushing DWP press release announcing the scheme.  Instead children will be encouraged into unpaid Work Experience, unpaid traineeships, or poverty paid so-called Apprenticeships which are little more than an excuse for companies like McDonalds to dodge paying young people the minimum wage.  This is nothing more than a shabby attempt to indoctrinate young people into accepting the life of low paid, insecure, shitty jobs – or…

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Conservatism in a nutshell.

The Tories engineer this socio-economic situation every time they are in office. Think back to the Thatcher era, she did it, Major did it – it’s a manufactured recession and a large reserve army of cheap labour every time. ALWAYS the same with the Tories. Because it suits their “business friendly”agenda.

That’s another Tory slogan that means corporate greed, profit before people and Tory donations – see the Beecroft Report, for example, written by a British “venture capitalist” that has donated more than £500,000 to the Conservative Party. The overdogs write policies to make sure that we remain the underdogs

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Despotic paternalism and punishing the poor. Can this really be England?

The perverse logic runs as follows: welfare for the poorest citizens – those who require collective responses to poverty – can only retain public support by threatening to, and by actually making the poorest even poorer. Is this really welfare?

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Everyone should read this…

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Dr. Aroup Chatterjee & Hemley Gonzalez discuss Mother Teresa, Christopher Hitchens and the negligence and fraud of the Catholic nun.

I re-blogged this sometime ago but I would be remiss in not keeping this in people’s consciousness. The neglect and malpractice which is prolific within the walls of these houses and hiding behind the claim of charitable works has been witnessed time and time again by people who have been brave enough to come forward only to be vilified by other members of the public who would rather believe the illusion than the truth. This needs circulation and in the next few weeks I will be working directly with the participants to make sure this interview, a primary source of evidence in historian-speak, does not get lost behind bigger names.

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After a few years of following each other’s work online, Hemley Gonzalez and Aroup Chatterjee finally met in person in Calcutta. This is the transcript of their candid conversation about Mother Teresa, The Missionaries of Charity, Christopher Hitchens and the case of medical negligence and financial fraud by the Albanian Catholic nun in India.

Hemley Gonzalez: How and why did you become an outspoken critic of Mother Teresa and her charity?

Aroup Chatterjee: In February of 1993 I approached a film company called Bandung Productions, which was owned by Tariq Ali, a well-known writer and broadcaster in England. I spoke with Vanya Del Borgo, his associate producer at the time. I was angry and agitated about the fact that Mother Teresa was causing generations to grow up with a false and extremely negative image of our city.

Vanya Del Borgo listened to my proposal to…

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